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Introduction to WLAN Radio 5G

WLAN Radio 5G improves the wireless Internet experience by providing more reliable connections and faster speeds. With up to 3 times more coverage than Wi-Fi, our WLAN Radio 5G technology extends your range and makes it easier to get online. The WLAN Radio 5G is a high-performance radio that supports 802.11ac/a/b/g WiFi standard. It provides faster wireless connection for your mobile devices, supporting MU-MIMO for fast concurrent streams for multiple users and more reliable range, even in congested areas. The WLAN Radio 5G provides users with a reliable connection and high-speed data transfer. This is ideal for commercial and industrial operations, but can also be used in residential settings. It is equipped with two options: 3G, 4G or 5G technology. The WLAN Radio 5G is extremely easy to use, attractive and durable. WLAN Radio 5G is the first 5G Multi-Band router. Based on the hardware accelerated Virtualization and Cloud Computing technology, it can utilize software-defined modules like Virtualized WiFi Access Point (VPWA), Virtualized Gb LAN Switches, Virtualized Edge Cloud Router and so on to seamlessly integrate with third-party vendor software to provide excellent experiences for users. 5G WiFi Radio: 5G WiFi access point with 802.11ac wireless LAN and the latest LED monitor with 5G WiFi connection. This product uses 5G WiFi as a wired network sharing solution with a built-in 5GHz wireless access point and WiFi router to provide ultra-fast and stable Internet connections for various mobile devices. WLAN Radio 5G is a 200Mbps wireless network adapter with 2.4GHz, which supports the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard. It can be used to build high-speed wireless LANs between computers or to connect your computer to a wireless or wired port on an existing network. The adapter has two antennas for increased performance and provides connection speeds of up to 150Mbps at ranges up to 50 meters indoors or 100 meters outdoors where line-of-sight exists. This is a WLAN Radio 5G. The Wi-Fi Alliance is marketing its own 5G standard as “5G NR”. The WLAN Radio 5G can be used for any applications that make use of cellular data networks for internet access, such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other device with built-in antennas. Besides being compatible with the current Wi-Fi standards 802.11n and 802.11ac, the WLAN Radio 5G also supports newer features like MU-MIMO (which allows simultaneous multi-user communications) and Gigabit speeds. WLAN Radio 5G is a high-performance and high-capacity wireless network that meets the needs of p2p connections and multiple HD displays, with the latest technology in 5G, supporting gigabit speeds. The product uses a unique technology to ensure stable communication inside the house, regardless of its size. Our WLAN Radio 5G is designed for maximum performance in the current 5G frequency spectrum and will ensure a smooth transition to 6G and beyond. WiFi radio WLAN Radio 5G has a high-quality design, as well as advanced functionality that ensures operational reliability and easy management. Thanks to its small size and easy mounting on walls, cabinets and other surfaces, this device can be installed anywhere in the building or at home (eg in the kitchen or living room) for which it provides a stable WiFi connection.

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