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Udemy - Modern React with Redux

Learn React Programming

This is the Udemy course you have been looking for to learn modern React with Redux. Do you need a job? Or do you want to become a better engineer at your current job?

Learn how to build fast and maintainable apps with Redux and GraphQL. This course from Stephen Grider is an in-depth introduction to React, Redux and Apollo Client that will help you learn by doing! We’ll start with a quick overview of the tools we’re going to be using and why they make the best tech stack for building JavaScript applications. Then we’ll take a look at the lessons covered in this course, such as: The core concepts behind each technology Building apps using ES6/ES2015+ And more!

Learn how to build next generation web applications with React, Redux and ES6+. In this course we are going to take a highly practical approach. We will cover the theory you need to learn about Redux, but we will also focus on the practices of writing modern client-side applications with React.

Build a real-world app with React and Redux – covering advanced top-level concepts like routing, data fetching and state management.

Learn how to build React apps with Redux.

Create fast, high-quality single page web applications based on React.js

In this course, “Modern React with Redux”, you will learn how to build modern web applications using React and Redux. You will build a production-ready React application from the ground up, and see how Reacts component-based architecture makes it easy to modularize your app, as well as leverage other libraries like Redux. By the end of this course you will be ready to build production apps with modern web stacks

This is the course you need to start learning modern React, Redux, and GraphQL. We’ll build an entire real-world application using these technologies so that you can get hands-on experience building production applications with modern JavaScript.

Learn React and Redux

Learn React and Redux with this comprehensive course! This hands-on project-based tutorial is designed for people who want to learn JavaScript, React, and Redux. If you are new to these technologies, it will help you build a solid foundation in these technologies, and if you already have experience with them, this course will take you to the next level.

Learn how to use modern tools to write React + Redux applications

Learn to master React, Redux and GraphQL to create advanced web applications. This course uses the Apollo stack to explore state management in your application through the development of a real-world production-ready application.

Learn how to create better software with a modern, component based frontend architecture using Redux.

Learn how to create React Apps with Redux in this course by Stephen Grider. This course will teach you the basics of React, Redux and ES6. By the end of it you will know how to implement Redux with a modern single page web application using React.

This is a course on React.js by Stephen Grider, where you will learn how to build web applications. The course is intended for people with no prior knowledge of React and Redux who are looking to get their feet wet by building real world apps with both frameworks.

Learn how to build and deploy full-stack JavaScript applications with this course from Stephen Grider. This course is meant for anyone who wants to learn web development, whether you are a frontend developer or a full stack engineer. You will get hands on experience of building a real app using React and Redux – the two most powerful libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Modern React with Redux – Learn how to use the latest version of React and Redux to build faster, more reactive web apps. This Udemy course is based on Redux and uses React Hooks.

Modern React with Redux helps you master the art of building your next React application.

Learn how to use Redux to manage application state in your React applications.

Modern React with Redux is an advanced course for intermediate-level developers who already know the basics of React and want to build production-ready applications with confidence. You will learn: Redux best practices, how to structure a Redux app, advanced React components with important design patterns such as higher-order components and component factories, usage of libraries like Recompose and normalized state managers like Normalizr.

Modern React with Redux is a new, up to date and complete way of learning about the very latest in web development.

React and Redux for building Application

Learn modern React from scratch, from the ground-up. Build complex forms and multiple page apps with Redux and GraphQL for complete battleship application. This course is designed for both beginners with little to no experience, as well as students with some coding knowledge who want to learn React. In this course you’ll learn modern JavaScript from the language all the way up to building complex apps, including state management and routing.

This course is meant to create web developers who can write optimized React code using FRP (functional reactive programming), Redux, and other modern tools.

Go through the process of building a simple application with React, Redux and Webpack, while diving into the core concepts behind the library. In 14 concise lectures, this course will get you started with React building “a todo list” app in JSX format and then refactor it to use ES6 syntax.

Learn how to build a real world web app with React and Redux – in only 1.5 hours!

Stephen Grider’s Modern React with Redux course is the one of the most comprehensive courses on Udemy. It covers everything you need to know about React, ES6 and Redux, while demonstrating best practices, techniques, and application code.

This course is for anyone who wants to get started with React. The instructor, Stephen Grider, teaches you the basics of React and then takes you through using Redux to manage state in complex apps. Along the way, he shares his experience and performance optimizations so that you too will be able to write code that runs smoothly.

This course is designed to take developers who are comfortable with React but may not be familiar with Redux, a popular JavaScript library for managing application state, and upgrade their skills to the “Modern” way of building applications.

If you want to learn how to build web applications with React, Redux, and modern JavaScript – then this is the course for you. Whether you’re looking to use React for a personal project, or become a professional developer, this course will teach you the skills necessary to be successful in the industry!

Master the new way of building apps using React.js and Redux to create powerful applications

Build web applications with React and Redux, then dive deep into modern tools and practices.

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