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Shell Scripting

Become an expert in Shell Scripting from the comfort of your home with this online course by Jason Cannon. This affordable program will give you the knowledge and confidence to use the shell script language for automating tasks on your system

This is one of the best training courses on shell scripting that teaches you the skills you need to automate command line tasks. This course will teach you how to write script programs in any language and create your own scripts to make your work easier. In this course, you will learn about environment variables, arrays, for loops, if statements, while statements and many more.

Shell scripting is a powerful tool that lets you automate common tasks on the command line. With this course, you’ll learn how to create scripts that enable you to streamline and customize your workflows in terminal environments

There are a lot of tricks you can use to automate common tasks developed over the years. This course will help you to become a better programmer in your language of choice by discovering ways to automate tasks on the command line.

Shell scripts can save you a ton of time and effort when automating Linux or Unix commands. They’re powerful, flexible, and relatively easy to master.

Learn to automate your daily tasks with this innovative course.

Learn your way around shell scripting. Uncover how to automate command-line tasks and learn some powerful techniques to make your life easier in the future. In this course you will learn: The different types of data; How variables store data and how to reference them; It can also be used as a language to describe commands that we want the computer to execute; A shell script is a series of commands (with logic if needed) stored in a file next to each other so they can be run in order one at a time from another script or program.

Learn the basics of shell scripting and how to automate tasks on your computer with this fun, practical course in Linux shell scripting.

This course is for anyone who has ever used the Linux command line. It will teach you all about shell scripting, allowing you to automate common tasks, create reusable code libraries, and much more.

Shell scripting is a way to automate tasks on your computer through commands. Many of the things you do on a daily basis can be automated, like backing up files, sharing items with others, or looking up information on the internet. This course will show exactly how you can do all this and more.

Shell scripting is the art of combining a series of commands into a single program. These programs are called shell scripts and are used to automate repetitive tasks, perform sophisticated programming functions and manage your system. By learning how to write powerful scripts that run outside of a traditional user interface (such as the Command Prompt), you can save yourself time on repetitive tasks and make managing servers a lot easier!

Shell scripting is the practice of combining multiple commands together to automate tasks. You can use these scripts for everything from backing up computers to performing everyday tasks on your computer.

Shell Scripting: Discover How To Automate Command Line Tasks With Python is the course for you if you want to learn how to save time with the command line and automate your system. This course aims to give you a strong foundation in the basics of shell scripting and how to use them so that you can get started doing it yourself.

The best way to learn any language, from computer science to psychology, is to start with the basics and then practice what you learn. In this course Jason Cannon uses a step-by-step approach that breaks down the essential parts of learning shell scripting.

Automate Command Line

Shell Scripting is the skill you need to manage servers, automate routine tasks and write advanced loops. This course will teach you how to create scripts that can perform tasks faster, better and more efficiently than humans ever possibly could.

Shell scripting is a powerful tool that allows you to automate tasks in the command line. With shell scripting, you can create custom commands by combining the existing Linux commands and creating your own strategies.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of Shell Scripting. You will start by learning about the Unix Philosophy and the basic building blocks for writing shell scripts. Then, you will learn about the various components of shells such as variables, arrays and pipelines. After that, we will dive straight into practical assignments where you can apply your skills to build useful scripts.

Hands-on, practical approach to learning about shell scripting. This course will teach you to create scripts using command line, and perform a variety of different tasks using the Bash scripting language.

Shell scripting is one of the easiest ways to automate common tasks and save yourself hours of work. This course will help you learn how to create powerful shell scripts quickly and easily, so you can automate tedious tasks, improve your efficiency and save your company money.

Automating repetitive tasks on the command line is an essential skill for any Linux user. Use this course to learn how to write Linux shell scripts and automate your daily tasks like never before!

Shell scripting is a skill that every Linux admin must possess and understand. This course will help you get started by showing you how to write your own scripts by taking advantage of variables, conditional statements, loops, and other popular features of the Linux shell.

This course teaches you how to write shell scripts using the Bash Shell programming language. It covers topics such as variables, loops and conditionals, if/then statements, functions and arrays. You will also learn three important concepts necessary to get started with shell scripting: pipes & redirects, file descriptor operations (i.e., redirection), and shell expansion operators. We finish up with a chapter on debugging so you will understand the tools available at your disposal when things don’t go as expected.

Learn the basics of shell scripting in this course. You will learn how to access system level commands and utilities from within a script file. This course also covers how to create variables, handle errors, carry out various types of input/output operations, read user input and store data in databases. By covering these topics, you’ll be able to create advanced scripts for your daily tasks easily!

Learn how to automate your tasks with shell scripting, a powerful and time efficient way of executing repetitive task that you do on a daily basis.

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