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Scala Applied, Part 2

Learn to program Scala

Learn to program Scala and Spark in this course by Dick Wall. The course assumes no previous programming experience, but does cover some introductory topics to help students get up to speed. Part 2 of this three-part Scala Applied series focuses on Spark and data science.

Scala Applied, Part 2 will help you develop a deeper understanding of Scala and increase your ability to use the language effectively. Here, you’ll learn about Scala’s advanced features that help you write better code, such as type inference, pattern matching, implicits, lazy evaluation and much more. You’ll also learn about object-oriented programming in Scala to get more out of this powerful language in building web applications.

Scala Applied, Part 2: Modeling Business Processes with Akka Streams & Scala. Scala is a very powerful language that can be used to build highly concurrent applications with minimal effort. You will learn in this course how to use the Akka framework and the Spray web content library to build high performance, enterprise-ready distributed applications.

This course is for learners who have completed the first part of Scala Applied or people with a solid foundation in programming languages and computer science concepts. It starts by defining the concepts needed to learn Scala, such as recursion, algebraic data types, and pattern matching. The course then goes into detail on more advanced topics like type classes and how to use them effectively. Each topic is explained in a way that makes it easy to understand its implementation.

In this course we’ll cover a variety of topics that will equip you to dive deeper into Scala’s functional programming paradigm and the rich ecosystem of libraries.

This course was created to help programmers from other languages get up and running with Scala quickly. This course is suitable for developers who want to learn Scala while building real world applications.

Scala Applied, Part 2 is a project-based course that shows you how to use Scala for practical projects. The book is in three parts:

Advanced functional programming concepts

This course will build upon the knowledge you learned in Scala Applied, Part 1. We’ll introduce Scala’s rich collection library, teach you how to use parallel collections to speed up your programs and some advanced functional programming concepts. Plus we’ll learn to apply what we’ve learned to data science problems common in industry!

This is a practical, hands-on course that will teach you how to apply Scala to your daily job as a software engineer. This course continues where Part 1 left off and covers topics including unit testing with ScalaTest, advanced pattern matching, function programming with higher order functions and type classes, as well as other advanced topics in functional programming.

Scala is one of the most powerful programming languages available on the market today, used by companies like Google and LinkedIn. In this course we’ll go deeper into Scala to learn how to use Scala for real problems, including: Building a simple web app with Scala and Scalatra Managing files with the FileSystem API Implementing access control in an application with Authentication, Authorization and Auditing Features of Scala such as Statically typed classes and traits will be covered extensively

Become a Scala developer and build professional-grade applications from the ground up in this unique course. You’ll learn the language, its syntax and features, how to create and use Scala classes, solve problems with mathematical and logical concepts, and more! By the end of this course you’ll have what it takes to build your own apps.

In addition to being a powerful language, as a vibrant and growing ecosystem, Scala is also very flexible. You can use it for everything from server side applications, to web sites and desktop applications. And now that Spark includes native support for Scala, you can use the same programming language on both the front end and back end of your applications

“Scala Applied, Part 2” will take your knowledge of Scala to the next level. This course covers the advanced configurations to avoid the need for manual coding and show you how to use these high-level abstractions to check against null values, ensure an object is of a certain type, extract a value from an existing instance, and validate whether data is present inside an object.

This course is a continuation of Scala Applied, Part 1. In Part 2, we will cover the following topics: Clean Up Your First Project: Now that you have learned a lot about Scala so far, it is time to apply what you have learned to clean up your first project. Object-Oriented Design Concepts: We will learn the concepts of classes, objects and methods. Polymorphism and Interfaces: You will learn how polymorphism and interfaces are related and how they are used in practice. Types in Depth: We will go beyond just saying that a type is like an interface or a class and learn what is meant by this statement formally.

Scala Applied is a fast paced course that teaches you the practical aspects of using Scala. The book presents a problem, explains its solution and provides instructions to ensure that readers will be able to thoroughly understand its content. The course covers both functional and object-oriented programming concepts, helping readers transition from one programming paradigm to another.

Develop fast and reliable Scala applications in this hands-on course. You will learn a wide range of techniques as you build four robust applications, including online tutoring and movie ratings. You will also see how to use test-driven development (TDD) to make your applications more reliable.

In this course, we will learn some more advanced concepts in Scala. The first part of the course was focused on learning how to build simple applications using a mix of functional programming and object oriented paradigms. In this part, we will take a more in depth look into functional programming and more advanced concepts such as Futures and Monads.

Master data structures

Learn the Scala programming language through applied, realistic scenarios. Start by learning how to manipulate collections and as you progress, discover how to leverage functional programming with Scala to write expressive, understandable code. Master data structures, like stacks and queues, and explore how you can use them in your own applications. Build up your knowledge of advanced object-oriented programming concepts like inheritance and composition, along with testing strategies to help make sure your code is correct.

This course takes you deeper into the language. Scala Applied, Part 2 is a four-week course that teaches Scala in a practical, hands-on approach. Audience: Testers, Developers, Architects and Domain Experts.

Learning Scala by example: Scala Applied, Part 2, builds upon this foundation to build more advanced applications. In addition to reviewing the concepts covered in Scala Applied Part 1, we’ll show you how to effectively use functional programming techniques that make it possible to implement many different types of applications.

Test your development skills with the Scala Applied series. Master the fundamentals of functional programming and build a strong basis for web development in Scala.

Learn how to apply the concepts you learned in part 1 of this course to build a web app. Scala is a hugely popular programming language and learning it will open up your career prospects. Learn by example and discover what this language has to offer as well as how it can be used in industry.

This course starts with a quick recap of the Scala syntax, then moves on to cover Scala objects and their life cycle, dealing with mutable and immutable objects, generic types and implicit functions. Types in Scala are also discussed briefly, including primitive types as well as methods for using them.

This course provides a detailed description of Scala and its associated standard library, as well as training in the use of this technology to solve practical problems. Part 2 continues with Chapter 11 and 12.

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