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Scala Applied, Part 1

Scala Applied

Scala: Applied is a beginner to intermediate Scala course for students who have completed an introductory course, or other programming languages. In Part 1, you will learn about the language and its syntax, including functions, classes and objects, recursion, and sequences. In Part 2, you will cover generic collections, command lines and files.

Learn how to confidently apply Scala, from an experienced trainer and Scala Developer. This course offers the most comprehensive coverage of Scala’s features that you will find on Udemy. A variety of examples are used, including: Functional programming; OOP; Testing; and Concurrency

Learn the fundamentals of Scala, a powerful and expressive programming language. This course focuses on teaching you core concepts in programming as well as important facets of Scala.

Scala is a modern programming language for the Java Virtual Machine, used in production by companies such as Twitter. In this course, we’ll cover many topics in Scala including polymorphism and type inference. We’ll also talk about some of its most powerful features such as pattern matching and case classes.

Scala is a modern, functional and object-oriented language that has become very popular in the last few years. This course introduces Scala, Scala’s most important features and their potential uses, and how to get started quickly.

Scala is an object-oriented programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Scala is scalable, fast, and produces smaller and fewer lines of code than Java.

Scala Applied, Part 1 by Dick Wall is an introduction to functional programming using a typed language. While the syntax of Scala differs from many popular functional languages, the concepts are largely similar. The goal of this course is to teach you how to write concise, efficient, and elegant code with Scala’s features.

Scala Applied, Part 1: a highly practical course that will teach you how to write real-world code

Scala Applied, Part 1 is designed for Scala developers who want to get started quickly with the language and approach. It does not assume any prior knowledge of Scala or functional programming, but builds on the concepts you’ve learned in prior courses such as courses in Java or C++.

Description: Scala Applied is an introduction to building real-world software in Scala, using the world’s simplest operating system. Learn the building blocks of functional programming and get a sense of how you could apply those techniques in any language.

Scala Programming Language

The Scala Programming Language is used at major corporations such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and one of the fastest growing languages in the market. Scala Applied will help you get started with this interesting language.

This is a Scala course to get you productive with Scala quickly. It assumes no prior experience with programming and will walk you through the basics of Java, then cover libraries that are useful when writing Scala code day-to-day.

Apply the skills you already know to learn something new. Scala Applied, Part 1 is a hands-on course that lets you apply techniques from your existing programming experience to learn Scala, without having to start from scratch. If you’ve learned C or Java, or are familiar with functional languages such as Scheme or Lisp, this course will teach you Scala using a unique approach: real-world scenarios that help you build practical applications using advanced concepts such as polymorphism and recursion.

Scala is one of the most powerful languages for object-oriented programming, functional programming and multi-paradigm programming. In this course, we’ll explore Scala by examining a wide array of useful concepts and techniques: from the fundamentals of collections and pattern matching to advanced topics such as actors, futures and the scalaz library.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of functional programming. You’ll master the basics of Scala and its elegant syntax, both to build your intuition for functional programming and to solve problems in a way you never thought possible.

Scala is a pure object-oriented language that runs on top of the Java virtual machine (JVM), and allows you to write scalable and extensible software. This course focuses on Scala in practice.

You’ll get a solid foundation in Scala, the most popular functional programming language for the JVM. Important concepts will be explained and illustrated with real-world examples showing how to use Scala effectively with both modern and classical object-oriented design.

This course will teach you Scala and its use cases. Scala is an object-oriented programming language that runs on the Java platform. It is a general-purpose, high level, functional language that has many advanced features such as higher order functions and type inference. What sets Scala apart from other programming languages is its statically typed nature, making it more like Java than Python which allows for a very high degree of code reuse.

Scala Applied, Part 1 is a step-by-step approach to learning the Scala language. This course is ideal for beginners and those who want to fill in any gaps they may have. Scala is known as a statically typed language that can run on JVM and Compiles to Java bytecode.

This course is the first of 2 parts. Scala Applied Part 1 will introduce you to functional programming with Scala. You will learn about laziness, recursion, higher order functions and pattern matching. Most importantly you will explore how to leverage these concepts in real world applications.

In the first of two courses, you will discover the power of Scala, along with its object-oriented programming and functional aspects. You will also learn patterns and practices in creating great programs as well as resolve issues that might come your way in the future.


Scala.js is a delightful practical introduction to one of the most highly-regarded programming languages. Scala makes it easy to apply functional programming concepts, and shares many key concepts with Haskell and PureScript, so if you’re already familiar with functional languages like these, this course will be an excellent primer for Scala. This module will teach you about Scala’s objects, case classes and pattern matching, as well as some more advanced techniques that have been inspired by other functional languages such as Haskell or Erlang.

We live in a fast-changing world. The technology industry is full of new languages and tools that allow people to build apps quickly, with the most advanced features. Scala is one of these tools, with its focus on functional programming and type safety at its core – allowing programmers to make big changes in short periods of time. In this course you will learn Scala as it applies to data science and machine learning.

In this course, you will learn the core aspects of functional programming and Scala.

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