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Modern C++ Concurrency in Depth ( C++17/20)

Learn C++ programming

This course is a complete introduction to modern C++ multiprocessing and concurrency. It covers all the essential topics (with examples) required to master concurrent programming, including CPU, memory and race conditions, synchronisation primitives, continuations and coroutines, software transactional memories (STM), atomic-writelock-free (ATL), our own atomics form and more. The examples are key to understanding this material because they demonstrate real-world use cases for these concepts and illustrate correct usage.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of concurrency in C++ and see how we can use them to build highly concurrent programs. We will start with an introduction to basics of modern C++ and see what makes it so powerful. This will include some simple examples of how we can use types like std::shared_ptr and unique_ptr with RAII idioms to build highly concurrent code. We will then move one and cover topics such as concurrent data structures, but also more complex topics like thread-safe GIL-free implementations of shared loggers, memory management strategies that are appropriate for multi-core systems, and many more fascinating topics!

Learn the Concurrency in C++ with this course. C++ is one of the most widely used languages in modern computing, and there’s a good reason for that: it’s fast. Alongside its speed, it has good support for object-orientation and powerful Standard Libraries. However, what makes C++ a truly remarkable language is its approach to Concurrency and multithreading. In this course we’ll explore how these features work and how they can be utilized to give optimal performance.

This course is created for the developers to build their knowledge on how to write high performance and concurrent applications in C++. By learning concurrency, you will be able to write better applications and develop more efficient software.

The course will be a mix of traditional lecture and discussion, along with hands-on labs. It is aimed at beginners who are new to C++ and have never programmed in a multi-threaded environment before. The course follows the Bjarne Stroustrup’s book “Concurrency in C++”, that is now freely available from his website

Learn how to write high-performance operations in modern concurrent and parallel Python using the most current language features and syntax, including Python 3.7.

Learn how to take advantage of modern language features in C++ including Concurrency, Ranges, and Coroutines. You’ll master the fundamentals of parallelism and concurrency by building real-world programs. This course is taught by Kasun Liyanage, author of C++ Concurrency: Practical Multithreading. Start learning Modern C++ Today!

Modern C++ Concurrency in Depth is a practical course that helps you build your knowledge of the latest language features in C++17 and C++20. You’ll learn how to use the new multi-threaded programming model, together with the shared memory model, then move on to using futures and promises. The course also discusses streamlining concurrency with functions, lambdas and variable templates.

Programs using the C++17 language

Learn how to write concurrent programs using the C++17 language. This course guides you through developing and understanding the fundamentals of concurrency. It begins by explaining threads, how they work, how they are scheduled and much more. Next, you will learn the basics of concurrency in C++11 and then move on to the latest version C++17/C++20 where there are major changes in its implementation. We will also cover atomics, mutexes and other related stuffs. By the end of it all, you will have a clear understanding of a modern C++ programmer who is ready to optimize their performance by utilizing concurrency techniques.

This Udemy course gives you a very detailed and in-depth understanding of modern concurrency in C++17. This is a follow up to our previous course ‘Concurrency in C++’ but this time we have covered new topics such as atomic types, shared mutable data & state, thread pools, locks/atomic operations, executors, lightweight and simple schedulers etc.

Use C++17 and C++20 features to write better concurrent software that is scalable and has no data races. In this tutorial, you will learn how to declare new atomic types, use std::atomic_flag type, manipulate shared memory and memory barriers, control transactions with atomic blocks, and more.

Master the new paradigms and practices around concurrency, from understanding threading and synchronization, to communicating with actors, futures and continuations.

Modern C++ Concurrency in Depth is a series of hands-on and theory driven courses that teach you the cutting edge concurrency features of modern C++. It covers all of the major concepts in concurrency, with a focus on making it easy to understand and apply.

This course is focused on: – Modern C++ Concurrency in Depth – Concurrency Efficiency (Lock-Free) – Parallel Patterns & Anti-Patterns – Thread Pool Management & Scheduling

This course is for programmers who have basic knowledge of C++, but would like to dive into the world of modern concurrency. This course has well-structured content and it is easy for you to instantly retain all the concepts by following along with the instructor.

Learn how to write modern C++ code that uses advanced concurrency issues such as atomics, futures, and thread pools. This course will also explain why using these advanced concurrency issues is easier than you think. You’ll ntead more about when and where to use each feature.

Features of C++ Programming

This course gives you a strong basic understanding of the concurrency features in C++11, C++14 and C++17. The course is packed with real world examples, code and lectures.

The course will start from the basics of concurrent programming and building up the topics little by little covering all important aspects of the concurrent programming in C++. Some of the major topics covered will include: blocking, non-blocking and lock-free algorithms for read/write locks, atomic operations, mutexes, condition variables, threads , shared memory models, message passing models etc.

This course is for intermediate and advanced C++ developers who want to learn modern C++ concurrency, with an emphasis on multicore programming. Modern C++ Concurrency in Depth is designed for developers with some experience with C++ and have worked on multithreaded applications. The course explores the low-level details of the language features used to develop highly concurrent software systems, including threads, mutexes, atomics and parallel algorithms.

This course goes through the fundamentals of concurrent programming in C++, and covers details of how to use modern concurrency features of C++17 and C++20. Many practical examples are discussed with focus on how to write efficient and robust code with the help of modern concurrency features.

This course is a step-by-step guide to modern C++ concurrency. It will teach you how to master the new C++17 and C++20 features, which are now available in GCC and Clang compilers. You will learn how to use them effectively through hands-on exercises. I’ll be covering all the topics that a professional C++ developer needs to know when writing concurrent code:

This course is a complete guide for learning modern C++ concurrency. You will learn about all the important concepts and topics as well as lots of examples so you can easily master them. During this course, you will be given assignments to practice after each concept so that you are able to get confidence when you face these situations in real programming world.

This course is an advanced level C++ programming course that studies the modern and new features of C++11/14/17, as well as a detailed investigation of concurrency using standard library components and Boost.

Learn to write performant and modern C++ using the latest language features. Become an expert in data structures, concurrency, and other topics. Learn the best practices of C++ from scratch.

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