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Mastering LINQ with C# and .NET

Mastering LINQ

Everybody is talking about LINQ and the advantages of doing queries with it, but no one seems to know how to do them right. This course will teach you not only how to use LINQ, but also when to use it and why. You will be able to write quick and efficient dynamic queries that abstract data sources.

LINQ is a powerful, unified language-integrated query (query builder) technology in the .NET framework that simplifies working with data in C#, VB and other languages. This course will help you master LINQ with C#.

Linq is a powerful language-integrated query framework that can be used to work with data in any type of situation. This course will help you learn how to use Linq to perform powerful queries against any data sources. By the end of this course you will be very comfortable using Linq in your day-to-day projects.

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) provides C# developers with a powerful array of tools that they can use to query, manipulate, and transform data in their applications. But with so much flexibility, it’s hard to know where to start when you first want to learn LINQ. That’s why we wrote this course — to give you a clear introduction to the core concepts.

Use LINQ to write better, more efficient code.

Get a deep understanding of LINQ and learn how to use it in any .NET environment – from web to desktop, windows phone, windows store, and more.

Mastering LINQ with C# and .NET is an advanced course covering everything you need to know about LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and other advanced topics. You will also learn how to build Visual Studio extensions and integrate third-party tools into your IDE.

Mastering LINQ with C# and .NET is the ultimate guide to all things LINQ. You’ll learn, through live coding examples and exercises, how to use all of LINQ’s features – chaining queries, creating your own query operators, handling errors and exceptions, composing queries with multiple sources, sorting results, and applying advanced techniques like deferred execution and query composition with operator overloads.

Master LINQ for C# Developers! Let’s make learning about LINQ with C# and .NET easy.

Master the power of LINQ and C# with this easy-to-follow course, Mastering LINQ. With this in-depth video tutorial, you’ll be programming queries, predicates and chains to write powerful and efficient programs. In addition to learning how to use LINQ efficiently and effectively in your day-to-day programming tasks, you will also gain additional skills that enable you to take advantage of a wealth of data sources (including XML and JSON) that are becoming more commonplace in today’s world.

Mastering LINQ with C#: Get the most out of this powerful language feature, including more than 90 lectures and 3.5 hours of content

Master LINQ through both theory and practice. More than just syntax, this course covers the thought process behind using LINQ for writing complex queries, understanding its performance characteristics, and identifying situations where it becomes inefficient.

Mastering LINQ with C#

Mastering LINQ with C# is a top-rated, best-selling course from expert Dmitri Nesteruk. You will learn everything you need to know about the powerful .NET Framework technology for writing fast and scalable code at 30% cheaper than its standard list price.

This course will help you master LINQ with C# and .NET. The main goal of this course is to provide you with a solid understanding of the most important aspects of LINQ, and give you practical examples on how to use it in your day to day work. During the course, over 100 lectures and 3.5 hours of content, we will discuss the basics of both SQL and .NET syntaxes, as well as the inner workings that allow LINQ expressions to be translated into efficient queries by the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Become the master of LINQ in C# with this course!

This course is designed for those who want to use LINQ in their day-to-day work with C#. Whether you are an experienced C# programmer or a complete beginner, this course will help you master LINQ features and get the most out of them.

This course will teach you how to write efficient and effective database applications using LINQ in C#. You’ll learn how to create database queries with LINQ, create mapping from your domain model to database and vice versa, modify database tables on the fly with dynamic SQL, etc. This course provides a practical guide for building business applications using the LINQ technology. You will grasp how to use LINQ in your daily job of writing database driven software both for client-side and as a server-side component (ASP.NET MVC). If you wish to expand your knowledge beyond C#, this course will also serve as an entry point if you ever decide to learn more advanced object oriented programming features such as inheritance and polymorphism.

C# has made it easy for us to write more complex code. One of the features we love about C# is LINQ, a powerful tool in the .NET framework that makes querying data very simple.

Mastering LINQ with .NET

Mastering LINQ with C# and .NET is a hands-on course aimed at helping to improve your productivity as a developer. The instructor, Dmitri Nesteruk, will take you through looking inside LINQ and getting a deeper understanding of the underlying implementation details. Along the way, you will learn about functional programming, monads (maybe for the first time) and more advanced concepts such as what currying means.

Master LINQ with C# and .NET. Learn more about comparison, projection and query expression in LINQ

This course will teach you how to write elegant and powerful LINQ queries in C#. At the end of this course, you will have all the skills needed to fluently use LINQ in your work.

This course covers all the advanced features of LINQ and shows you how to write code in C# that is easy to maintain, test, and modify. The course also covers creating multi-layered applications that are well structured, architected and perform well.

This course is designed from the beginning to the end. You will start by understanding what the course offers and how it can help you achieve your goals. Then, you will be presented with a quiz to make sure that you understand the important concepts behind this topic. Finally, you will take on real-world examples to help you master LINQ.

LINQ is all about learning to write business-oriented, data access code. You’ll learn to use LINQ in your everyday programming tasks for manipulating and querying collections, XML and database data. You will develop an understanding of the language syntax and semantics, as well as understand how LINQ works behind the scenes.

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