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Master Drools - Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules

Master Drools

Master Drools – Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules by Juhan Aasaru . Do you want to transform your business rules into simple and readable rules? Do you struggle with complex rules that can’t be understood easily by everyone in your organization? This course will show you how you can write better and simpler rules using Drools 8 which is the latest version of JBoss Drools.

This course is a quick but detailed guide to get started with Drools and live examples on how to use it. The first part of the course aims at familiarizing you with the Drools terminology, usage patterns and architecture. You will learn how you can use facts and rules as knowledge in your world model and how to configure them using DRL code or XML. You will also see how different aspects of vision for Drools may be used such as streaming mode, drift-detection, etc. After that, we will focus on where to start with learning more detail about various Drools components and modules starting from simple rules to more complex ones including approaches for conflict resolution

Learn how to use Drools, the leading rule engine in the enterprise Java world. With over 10 years of experience working with Drools and its developers, this course will take you from basic rule-writing constructs to more advanced topics that include custom functions and complex stateful objects.

Learn how to write high performance rules and rulesets with less effort. Learn from the very basics of programming in Drools, all the way to building huge enterprise wide systems. Learn about recursive patterns and their use, about function overloading and about general performance tuning techniques. The course contains more than 20 lectures and 40 minutes of additional reading material

Are you an experienced JBPM developer? Come and learn how to create business rules with Drools. This course introduces you to the core concepts of Business Process Management (BPM) and Knowledge Representation, with a strong emphasis on the Rule-based Language (RuleML). While it is not required, this course will benefit both beginners and experienced developers alike. Work at your own pace through a series of lectures and PDF slides. The examples are written in Java/Drools/JavaSpaces; however you can use them in other languages without any changes!

Learn how to master the Drools language and how to turn complex logical rules into simple to read rules, improve the performance by reducing execution time and stopping your logic from evolving into control blocks that are hard to maintain.

Master Drools in an innovative way with this course, while developing complex rules of your own. This course teaches you how to write the rules and make them readable, this is accomplished by creating Variables and Data Types, Conditionals and Loops. This course will provide you with the knowledge base to develop your own rules for any real life business case.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build rules in Drools from scratch and turn them into simple, reusable building blocks. You’ll learn advanced techniques for defining and implementing business logic in rules—from understanding data types, working with lists and arrays, and utilizing the rule priority attribute to creating dynamic code-based rules.

Advanced features of Drools

This course will cover the essentials of Drools. You will find out what is under the hood of Drools and how you can use it to model your business logic. The course also covers advanced features of Drools such as decision tables, modeling inheritance by rules and many more.

This course is designed for developers, architects and business people who wish to gain a deep understanding of Drools Rule Engine, including the basics and advanced features. We’ll start from a simple product sale discount scenario and then dive deep into complex business rules. You should have working knowledge of core java concepts such as OOP, Threading and Design Patterns. However, you can still take this course if you’re interested in learning more about Drools but don’t have time to read through our text book “Mastering Drools”.

User-friendly, powerful, and open source: you’ll learn everything you need to know to create rules and processes with Drools.

Master Drools – Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules by Juhan Aasaru is a Udemy Course on Drools. In this course, you will understand how to write rules, identify various Drools entities, how the work done in the past by other business rules engines such as Jasper and other open source rules engine like Fuzzy will help you learn Drools faster. You’ll also learn about the technical details behind Drools internals including the new features of DRL4, execution model, built in functions and many more. At the end of this 90-minute course, you’ll know all about Mastering Drools from a beginner’s point of view and start writing your own rules in minutes!

Master Drools: Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules Udemy – tutorial. Master Drools: Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules Udemy – Training. Master Drools: Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules Udemy Review – Overview. Master Drools: Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules Udemy Bonus. Master Drools: Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules Udemy Software . Master Drools: Turn Complex Logic into Simple to Read Rules Udemy Youtube

Master Drools in just 6 Hours !! Master Drools course is designed to help you learn how to create rules and tests for your business logic. You will be shown step by step how to translate your complex logic into simple rules. This is essential before you start developing with BPM or BPEL.

Master Drools and use it to create your own business rules engine. Control all of your systems from a simple, easy to read language to make complex decisions quickly.

Software developers and architects with Drools

This course was created for experienced software developers and architects who want to get started with Drools Expert. The aim of the course is to give a short introduction to the core concepts, explain how different language elements work and how you can put them together in order to create Drools Expert rules.

Learning Drools Expert is an online training course that provides an end-to-end learning of Drools 5 from the ground up. You will learn how to create and execute rules and then build complex decision logic to solve real business problems. The course also covers topics like Policy Based Engines, Performance Tuning and Debugging for advanced learners.

Using Drools, you can turn complex logic into simple to read rules. Master Drools will give you a firm grasp of the Drools 5.3 Rules language and show you how to use this powerful tool in many different ways. This class will get you up and writing rules ASAP!

Master Drools to Create Complex Rules Utilizing a Straightforward, Clear Process. This course will show you how to turn your rules into easily readable and maintainable code that’s easy for all team members to understand.

This course will help you turn complex logic into simple rules with Drools. You will dive right into the world of Rule Engines, head first. Once there you will see that building complex rules is easy as pie and in no time you’ll have built your own Rule Engine. This course includes over an hour of video lectures, answered in depth questions and quizzes at the end of each section, a section demonstrating the use of Unity3D to bring your Rules to life, a challenge for all serious students who want to test their skills even further and much more!

Learn the basic of Drools, how to formulate your own rules, create rule model and execute via console and Java API. Master Drools is for people who understand basic concepts of artificial intelligence, but have no clue how to implement it into solution or system. In this course I try to present as much examples as possible to bring practical knowledge and support you in daily work.

Drools Master module is your fastest and easiest way to get started with Drools, the world’s leading rules engine. This Udemy course will teach you how to write rules in a declarative style, choosing between forward-chaining and backward-chaining architectures. In addition, you will learn about advanced topics like integration with Spring framework and creating transactions.

Learn how to use Drools’ BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) and DRL (Drools Rule Language) to create easy-to-read rules for complex business processes. Whether you are a business analyst, IT professional or just someone who wants to know more about BPMN and DRL, this course will help you understand it all!

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