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Mainframe: The Complete JCL Course from Beginner to Expert

Learn JCL

Become a JCL Expert with 20+ Hours of HANDS-ON Coding and Training. This is the most comprehensive, practical and easy to follow course on Mainframe that you will ever find.

Learn Mainframe JCL Programming. You are seeing this 1st in the market place with such an excellent content for all sorts of mainframe programmers & newbies. The course is designed after deep analysis and feedback from real time working professionals who have been in full time mainframe careers, they all were learning but not getting proper guidance and support. I have designed this course which covers the basics to advanced level of JCL programming language.

This course introduces beginners to Mainframe concepts, and helps advanced students to continue their journey. This course covers every major topic from JCL, Programming Basics to Data Transferring and SPOOL.

Learn the following skills that can increase your marketability in the IT industry: • Learn to create a job control language (JCL) for mainframe applications using JCL templates• Build a strong understanding of how COBOL, JCL and DB2 are integrated in your business.• Learn how to use several new features of Micro Focus Mainframe Express to accelerate application development

Learn how to write the JCL and execute the job at a fast pace. You must have basic understanding of programming, Operating System and JCL. If you are not comfortable with these topics, Ebook is perfect for you in which I have explained every topic in great detail

Master the skills required to become a master mainframe developer.

Learn Mainframe: The Complete JCL Course from Beginner to Expert by Sandeep Kumar & download, store and read.

This course consist of the most updated and useful information about mainframe course from beginner to expert. This is a complete JCL (Job Control Language) Course with 50 lectures that covers all the JCL statements and syntax.

This course covers the concepts of JCL, goes through batch files that you can use to automate your job and runs through a bunch of examples which show the functionality in practice. Learn JCL: Job Control Language with Sandeep Kumar.

Learn to create simple JCL job to build a job stream in Mainframe

This course is designed to take you no time at all to complete but is jam packed with so much information that you are sure to learn something new every time you watch it. There are 5 different parts to this course: Introduction, Basic JCL Commands, File Application, System Application and Data Set Application.

Learn how to work with JCL by completing this introduction and becoming proficient in writing, understanding and debugging business commands.

Learn Mainframe

Udemy – Mainframe: The Complete JCL Course from Beginner to Expert by Sandeep Kumar is the most comprehensive and exciting course that lets you master the art of writing job control language (JCL) in IBM mainframe environment. This course is designed and developed to help students gain in-depth knowledge on a variety of topics covered in it.

Mainframe: The Complete JCL Course from Beginner to Expert by Sandeep Kumar is an easy and comprehensive course on the job control language (JCL) and the related commands used in Microsoft Windows operating systems. You will learn all you need to know about JCL, thanks to this course.

Learn the mainframe programming with the help of this course. This course is designed in such a way that new learners can also learn by it and experts can also enhance their skill. The course covers various sections of JCL such as job control language, write job control language, JCL examples and applications etc. This course contains 12 chapters which are divided into 4 sections and each section contains about 4 to 6 lectures with examples.

JCL(Job Control Language) is the language used in mainframes to control the jobs. This course will help you gain knowledge of JCL from beginner to expert level.

Mainframe is the backbone of any IT corporation. The knowledge of mainframe is required to execute any scenarios in IT industry. And, JCL is the heart which controls everything. This is a course for those who want to learn how to make an entry in any mainframe systems.

Program Control Language (JCL) programming language

In this course, you’ll learn how to write a Program Control Language (JCL) programming language that is essential to every mainframe developer.

Master Mainframe JCL and become a Mainframe Professional today. Udemy – Mainframe: The Complete JCL Course from Beginner to Expert by Sandeep Kumar

Learn JCL from scratch, from one of the industry’s most experienced IT leaders. This is a step-by-step course that will help you master Mainframe JCL.

Learn all about JES3 and the New JCL Language. Learn how to use JCL in your Mainframe Systems with this Complete JCL Course for Beginners & Experts

This course is designed to teach you what you need to know about the Mainframe System. The concept of JCL (Job Control Language) is introduced along with its basic syntaxes, how to write and execute programs using it, what are the concepts needed for getting a good understanding of JCLs. The course also goes into details on how to run a job once it has been scheduled and what can be done after a job has been started but hasn’t completed yet.,

Learn to code a Job Control Language program in just 24 simple steps. Get the basics on writing your first JCL, then move on to advanced topics like calling assembly language and Fortran procedures, using recursion, reading and modifying control cards, writing dynamically linked load modules and much more.

A mainframe is a large computer, or a group of interconnected computers, which can perform intensive and time-consuming data processing functions for companies or governments. Mainframes are normally used for business applications. Mainframes are still being used because they offer high speed processing at low cost and require less power consumption than other computers. This course will help you learn about the tools and concepts behind programming on mainframes. With this knowledge, you can apply for a mainframe development job or start your own mainframe company!

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