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Git for Geeks: Quick Git Training for Developers

Learn Git for Geeks

From the instructor: “Git for Geeks is a comprehensive training course that teaches all you need to know about git and git workflows. No matter what programming language or IDE you use, this course will benefit you. Learn how to use advanced features of git like rebasing, resetting your working directory and more!

Learn the essentials of Git in this course and earn a Certificate for free. You will learn everything you need to know about Git, including branching, stashing, staging, and committing.

Learn basic Git commands that all developers should know, and get a complete understanding of how Git works.

Learn the power and flexibility of Git. Master the development workflow, learn how to merge your changes, perform rollbacks and advanced techniques used by developers to deploy real world apps.

Git is a powerful version control system that lets you track changes to files in your software project, and manage those changes over time. For experienced programmers with large projects and distributed teams, git allows you to efficiently manage large feature sets and collaborate with other developers; but for beginning Git users, it can be quite lego blocks garage kit confusing.

Git is a distributed version control system, which means it can be used to maintain changes of software and documents, as well as share them. Git has become the de facto standard in the open source community where developers work on public and private code bases collaboratively. The ability to track down blunders, easily rollback changes and use branches makes Git an essential tool for every programmer’s toolbox.

Learn how to use Git quickly and effectively with this quick training course. Jason Taylor has a great way of explaining complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. If you want to learn Git, but don’t have hours and hours to spare, then this video series is for you!

Master Git in 8 hours! If you’ve ever wondered how to use Git for source control or configuration management, or if you’re fed up with dealing with merge conflicts, this is a course for you.

Are you a developer new to git, or looking to brush up on your skills? Do you want to understand how version control systems work, and why they’re so important for your day job in software development?

What is Git? Why do I need it? Where is it used? If you’ve ever been curious about Git, but were afraid to ask, then this course is for you.

Git is a powerful tool that every developer needs to learn. The open-source, distributed version control system has countless benefits and streamlines the development process.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the most important concepts and tools of Git. It will teach you how to get started with version control, make objects, show differences between versions, create branches, collaborate with others on a project and more. Basic knowledge of the terminal will be assumed – if you don’t know the difference between ls and cd or know what sudo or ls -a does on your terminal have a look at some documentation before proceeding.

Git is the most important version control system that developers use. Learn the basics of Git through the Udemy course ‘Git for Geeks’ by Jason Taylor, where you’ll cover topics like:

Git for Geeks is a must have course for any programmer and developer who wants to get up to speed on the fundamental concepts of Git. Already familiar with the basics? This is a great refresher course!

Git for Geeks is designed to quickly get you up to speed on the powerful tool called Git. This course will give beginners the ability to work with Git at the command line and through their favorite text editor, whether it’s Vim, Atom, Visual Studio Code or something else. You’ll learn how to create a repository, push your code up to GitHub and other services, clone other repositories, and make changes that can be pushed back to GitHub. We also cover GitHub flow in this course so you can understand why some Git commands can take more steps than you might expect.

Learn a simple, high-frequency workflow for Git with this practical course. You will learn how to use Git in real-world projects and build the skills needed to become a true Git Pro.

Git is the most flexible version control system (VCS) in the world. It’s currently used by more than 85% of developers, but only 50% of Git users know that it’s not actually a repository. With this quick overview on Git, three times more people will be able to understand how Git works and why you should use it!

Do you need to learn Git and GitHub? Quick, easy, efficient?

Basics of Git

Git for Geeks: Quick Git Training for Developers is a short, intensive course that teaches you the basics of Git, the most popular distributed version control system in use today. Whether you’re brand new to Git or want to learn more advanced features like GitHub Flow, this course will give you what you need to succeed as a developer.

Learn how to use Git and GitHub to manage your code. Udemy’s TOP-RANKED instructor, Jason Taylor will teach you the basics of Git and GitHub so that you can be more confident when collaborating on projects or just working independently in Teams.

In this advanced Git training course, you will learn the advanced use of Git and GitHub – including a detailed walkthrough of how to write code while collaborating with other developers simultaneously. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about deploying your code with Continuous Integration.

Concepts of Git

This course is a quick introduction to Git for beginners and intermediates. The course covers all the core concepts of Git from start to finish considering those which are most important for developers.

Discover how to use Git from the ground up in this extensive course. You’ll start with a quick overview of the most basic concepts you need to get started, such as what exactly Git is, why it’s so popular and how to install it. You’ll then learn about basic commands and workflows before diving into more advanced explanations including advanced search capabilities, pull requests, submodules and much more.

Choose this Git course if you are a passionate developer, who wants to take their skills to the next level and understand version control through Git.

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