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Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style

Learn Reactive programming

Learn how to code in Java 8 with Udemy’s most viewed course. Functional and Reactive programming are modern programming techniques that are widely used today by large tech companies like Google, Netflix and Amazon.

This course is a strong introduction to both functional and reactive programming in Java. It starts by introducing you to the basics of these concepts, and then moves on to detailed examples of developing applications using them. The course will also help you master Java 8 and provide you with practical tools on how to write concurrent applications in Java. You can be confident that this course covers everything that a beginner needs to know but also helps you reach an advanced level after taking it!

This course will teach you how to create functional and reactive applications in Java. We will cover functional programming, theory and design, common data structures and advanced features of Java 8. You will also learn how to develop reactive applications by leveraging the Reactive Streams API.

Functional and reactive programs give long lasting solution for problems arising from concurrency and parallelism in Java. You will learn the fundamentals of functional programming with a Succinct and practical approach. You will see how you can take advantage of reactive programming to build applications that are resilient, scalable, fast and shiny.

Java 9 introduces the revamped programming model based on functions and reactive streams, this course will help you to learn the basics of functional programing in Java and how they can be applied in our daily work. We will study two important topics : Lambda expressions and Streams. We’ll see how to use lambdas to replace anonymous classes.

Become a Functional Programmer by Creating Your First Project (Functional Programming) with Java in 3 weeks This course explains basic functional programming principles and then provides instruction on how to create your first project (Functional Programming) with Java. It covers the following topics: Introduction to Functional Programming in Java What is Functional Programming | Benefits of knowing Functional Programming | What are Lambdas, Closures and higher order functions? What are pure functions, imperative functions and impure functions? How do you define a pure function? Why FP is a better choice than OOP?

Functional and reactive programming are modern ways of writing software. In this course you will learn how to use functional and reactive techniques in Java 8, together with modern IDE tools and libraries such as RxJava 2 and Spring 5. This course is aimed at developers who already know Java but haven’t seen these approaches before.

This course will help you learn Functional and Reactive programming in Java.

In this course you will learn the basics of functional and reactive programming in Java (Java 8). You will start with the functional features of Java and then move on to basics of reactive programming in Java. In the process, you will learn how to write executable specifications and use lambda expressions, streams and lazy evaluation effectively. You will also see how unit testing is easier if we follow a functional style of programming. This course aims at giving you hands-on knowledge of important topics like: Functional Programming Techniques Pure Functions Lambda Expressions Immutability Composition Lazy Evaluation Unit Testing

Are you a Java programmer and want to learn the modern way of programming? Do you want to learn how to write less code and get more productivity? If you answered yes, then this course is for you!

In the course you will learn about modern languages and libraries that enable you to work with reactive programming, multi-threading and more in a simple way. You will learn how to think functionally, how to use RxJava and Retrofit 2, so that you can use your time effectively and efficiently.

This course is for beginners and also for those who want to learn Reactive programming. So if you are a beginner, this course is perfect for you. All the concepts will be explained with in depth theory explanation by using relevant real world examples and creating projects on them. At the end of each module there will be practice problems to write your answers

Functional & Reactive programming in Java

Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style – This course is a complete comprehensive class on Functional & Reactive programming in Java. You will start from the basics, through building reactive applications, to building dataflow pipelines with all their operators and functionalities. We will provide an overview of all functional operators and transformations available in Lambda JAVA (Java SE 8) which are essential for functional programming.

Learn Functional and Reactive programming right from the basics with this course, by basics strong.

This is Udemy-Course on Functional and Reactive Programming in Java to get you up to speed with the new Java functionality.

This course is for Java programmers who want to learn functional and reactive programming in Java as a first language. It will show you how to use the Java 8 Streams API, lambdas and functional composition to write less code that has better performance, easier understanding and more reusable components.

Become an expert in using functional and reactive programming paradigms with Java. You will learn to solve complicated problems, create efficient code and build modular applications. You do not need to know anything about functional or reactive programming to start with this course!

Functional and reactive programming are essential skills for modern software engineering. They allow you to write code faster, more efficiently, and with fewer bugs. These techniques are also key in the development of parallel and distributed systems, which are now critical in many of the latest software projects. These courses help you learn how to program using a functional way of thinking.

Udemy – Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style by Basics Strong is a comprehensive course designed to help you learn how to apply functional programming concepts in your day-to-day work. We’ll use the best practices of software design and delivery, as we dig into what makes a piece of code “functional” or “reactive”.

Functional & Reactive programming in Java : Modern Style by Basics Strong. This course is designed for the beginners who want to know about the fundamentals of Functional and reactive programming in Java. It will cover topics like Lambda expressions, Stream API, patterns and functional style. But it not only covers functional and reactive programming but also teaches you how to apply them effectively in your day to day work

Functional and Reactive Programming in Java, Modern Style course is designed for the developers who are looking for a complete learning path for Functional & Reactive programming. Whether you are new to programming or have some experience of Java programming, this course will be an excellent start to your career as a professional developer, who can apply these sophisticated techniques to build more reliable and efficient applications.

Fundamentals Functional and Reactive programming

Functional and reactive programming can reduce the complexity of your Java programs. This course will teach you the fundamentals of functional and reactive design patterns by using real-world examples. By the end, you’ll be able to use these techniques in your own applications!With this course, you’ll learn how to build complex applications through using new and emerging technologies such as APIs, Cloud Computing and more

Learn Functional and Reactive programming with Java. Introduce the powerful concepts of functional programming, along with the reactive pattern via RxJava. Apply them during real-world examples covering technologies like Hibernate, Spring Boot, and Angular

Fundamentals of Functional & Reactive Programming with Java. You will learn the fundamental concepts of functional and reactive programming in this course. We will kick off by looking at the root causes of complexity, and then walk through practical examples to make it easy for you to start using this technology in your daily programming tasks.

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