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Udemy – Design Patterns in C# and .NET by Dmitri Nesteruk is the only resource that teaches you everything you need to know about design patterns in C#, with hundreds of examples.

Design Patterns in C#

Design Patterns in C# and .NET is designed to teach you how to leverage design patterns in your C# code. Design patterns are proven solutions to specific software development problems that can be repeatedly applied to solve a broad variety of problems.

Learn a variety of design patterns and anti-patterns in C# and .NET using a detailed, step-by-step approach. This course will help you learn many different design patterns including creational, structural and behavioral. Also, you will be introduced to what an anti-pattern is and how it can negatively affect your code base.

In this course, you will learn how to use most important and frequently used design patterns in your C# or .NET projects. We will explore the design philosophy behind the pattern; review its origin; discuss relevant historical context behind it; learn how to apply it, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and explore some related design principles.

This course will guide you in understanding and implementing design patterns in C# code. In the process, you’ll acquire knowledge on object-oriented programming constructs and briefly touch upon software engineering principles that form the basis of most patterns.

This course is designed for those who want to learn about the principles, terminologies and implementation details of design patterns in C#. It primarily deals with Creational, Structural and Behavioral design patterns.

From the creator of the highly rated Udemy course Design Patterns in C# and .NET, comes a new 8-hour+ course that will take your design patterns knowledge to the next level.

This course is intended for professional developers who work with C# or .NET. Design Patterns in C# and .NET will help you become a better software engineer by understanding, implementing, and communicating about design principles at the core of high-quality applications.

Discover the power of design patterns in C# and .NET to simplify your code, increase readability and improve maintainability.

Design Patterns in .NET

Learn to apply design patterns to your work and increase software quality with the latest version of C#. Design Pattern are a way to solve common problems in object oriented programming and this course will walk you through understanding them, when they are appropriate and how to implement them in real world projects. Complete with hands-on coding examples, this course will help you take your existing knowledge of C# and .NET framework classes to the next level!

Learn the fundamentals of design patterns, and how you can apply them to your C# and .NET applications.

Learn how to apply design patterns to real-world problems, understand the essence of software design, and build more flexible code by making use of proven patterns.

Udemy – Design Patterns in C# and .NET by Dmitri Nesteruk is the first to introduce modern design patterns in the world of Microsoft Technologies. It’s a complete guide on how to apply design patterns in the real world of software development.

Learn how to implement well-known design patterns in C# and .NET using this comprehensive course. This is an introductory level course where you will get a deep understanding on coding for some of the most popular design patterns such as Factory, Singleton, Decorator, Adapter, Facade, Bridge and many more.

In this course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to apply design patterns to C# and .NET applications using real-world examples. You will start with a detailed overview of the .NET framework, its types and objects, including the IEnumerable<T> interface and the Enumerator object from System.Collections.Generic. After that, you will explore various basic design patterns, such as the Builder and Factory patterns, which are commonly used in C# and .NET applications. By looking at these fundamental patterns, you will notice how easy it is to apply them in your own projects!

Design Patterns are used by experienced programmers to avoid common mistakes and to simplify coding. The course is intended for developers with basic knowledge of C#/C++, who have some experience of object-oriented programming. The course will introduce you to the world of Design Patterns and show you how they can improve your code.

Create flexible and reusable application architecture with design patterns in C#. Discover how design patterns help define the high-level structure of your code, which in turn helps your code to become more maintainable, reusable and adaptable.

Learn how to build flexible and extensible C# code with Design Patterns.

This course is for developers with an intermediate level of experience who want to learn about design patterns in C# and .NET. We’ll look at singleton, factory, strategy, facade, and many others. The course is a mixture of theory and practice: after learning about various patterns in the theory part, you will try to solve them in practice exercises.

The course is about object-oriented design. In the first section, we’ll learn the basics of object-oriented analysis and design. Then we’ll move to C# and .NET platform, that’s where the most important stuff happens. You’ll look at a few types of design patterns and see how they apply to classes, methods, interfaces and other constructs related to OO programming.

Applications with C#

Learn to use design patterns and create flexible and powerful applications with C#. This course will teach you how to use design patterns effectively in your C# applications. You’ll learn from a professional developer who has written books that are considered best-of-breed works in the field of computer science!

This course is designed to help beginner programmers better understand the design patterns and their applications in C# projects. You will learn how to identify a few of the most common design patterns by solving real world use cases. This course has been taught over 1000+ times with over 3,000 students enjoying it.

The course is designed to help beginners of any programming language to understand the fundamental principles of software design. This course will introduce you to over 27 key design patterns, and show you when and how to apply them in a real-world programming environment

This course is about designing object-oriented applications. You will learn about the different design patterns, their goals and purposes, as well as when to use them. And finally, you’ll dig deeper into the inner workings of these patterns and how they relate to one another

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