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Complete Kotlin development masterclass 2022

Learn Kotlin Development

Udemy’s Complete Kotlin Development Masterclass will equip you with the practical knowledge to build full-stack web applications that include features from the latest versions of Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST and more.

In this course, Catalin Stefan will cover Kotlin’s different features and components. You will be provided with a ton of examples, tips and techniques that you need to learn to get started with Kotlin.

A Kotlin grandmaster training you how to become a professional Kotlin developer. Don’t buy dev tools, resources or books until you learn from me: create the most modern apps on Android, Fuchsia and the web today!

This course is all about Kotlin programming language. You will become an expert in working with the Kotlin programming language and all of it’s features. The main goal of this course is to teach you how to create applications in Kotlin that perform well and allow you to master the language so that you can be ready for any new potential jobs in the field or even build your own startup using the Kotlin language!

Learn how to develop and deploy your applications in Kotlin language, work with frameworks and libraries such as Android Architecture Components, Dagger 2, RxJava 2 and more.

Udemy is the premier destination for online courses, with over 100,000 courses across more than 180 topics. To bring you more of what you want to learn, we’ve introduced our own in-house course publishing platform and are continually adding new content from our partners and instructors.

The Complete Kotlin Development Masterclass will be your guiding force in learning Kotlin programming. Regardless of your level of experience and familiarity with Kotlin, this course will help you tackle problems that are sure to arise when developing Android apps with Kotlin.

Become a Kotlin master and learn how to create clean and beautiful Kotlin applications with no boilerplate code in this complete Kotlin development masterclass.

A Complete guide for all Kotlin developers who want to learn advanced Kotlin Programming.

This course is designed for beginners who want to learn Kotlin based on Android, but it will also cover basic concepts in programming and development, which can be applied to other areas. Each section of the course focuses on a new topic, starting with the most basic aspects of programming and gradually moving towards more sophisticated topics. This course uses Kotlin 1.2.

Basic concepts of Kotlin Programming

Kotlin is a very powerful and easy to use programming language that can help you create better applications for Android. In this course, I will show you how to master Kotlin by presenting the main features of this language. You will not only learn about syntax but also about objects and object-oriented programming in general.

This is a course on how to develop Android apps in Kotlin, with emphasis on design principles and good practices. This course also teaches you how to build complex applications using the best (and most used) libraries available in the market.

Udemy’s course on Kotlin is a comprehensive, beginner-friendly course to Kotlin. It will help you learn the basics of Kotlin in a fun and interactive way.

This is a professional-level course on Kotlin. Beginner and intermediate level developers who want to learn Kotlin from scratch, up until building real-world applications. The projects are based on the most modern technologies: Kotlin, Java, Android, Play Framework and Bootstrap 4.

Learn to code like a pro by creating apps in Kotlin language. From the basics of Kotlin to more advanced topics, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a professional Kotlin developer.

This course provides a step-by-step guide to learn Kotlin programming from absolute scratch. We will cover everything from basic syntax and data types to object-oriented programming in Kotlin. This is a one of a kind course where you will get an introduction to beginner Android app development with Kotlin, and at the end of the course you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to create your very own Android applications! And knowing that, this course contains many examples on how to build real world Android apps.

This course aims to teach you everything you need to know about Kotlin for Android development.

Learn the newest Kotlin development and Android Development course with all new lessons, projects and hands-on learning.

Learn to master Write clean, concise and efficient code in Kotlin with the help of this course which teaches you how to use Kotlin for Android Development. In this Complete Kotlin Development Masterclass you will learn how to take full advantage of the features and functionalities of Kotlin language.

learn the Kotlin fundamentals

This Kotlin course will teach you how to program in Kotlin in a very efficient way. It is designed for developers who know Java or any other programming language and want to learn the Kotlin fundamentals. You will learn the essential mechanics of working with Kotlin, including its object-oriented features and syntax, language basics (control flow, functions), classes and functions, data types, collections, type annotations and more.

In this course we will cover the most important aspects of the Kotlin language from functionality and syntax, to advanced features like higher-order functions, reactive programming, and more.

In this course learn all about Kotlin, a modern and safe programming language by JetBrains. The course covers the following: Basics Functions Class Inheritance and Polymorphism Classes as first class citizens Enums & Data Types Null safety Smart casts Default literals Type inference Type aliases Top-level functions Extension functions Delegated properties Lambda expressions Properties delegates

Kotlin is a new programming language for Android. It is 100% compatible with Java and that means that you can use it in Android projects without any problem. We will start from the basics in this course, how to create a project using Kotlin, how to configure it and then we will move to best practices by showing you some useful tips & tricks.

Join over 1,000,000 happy students in this course! You’re going to love our clear and concise curriculum.

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