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C# .NET For Beginners

Learn C# .NET

Udemy – C# .NET For Beginners by Rick Phillips is a step-by-step training course on C# programming in Visual Studio 2017. As a beginner, you’ll take advantage of the easiest steps to start learning how to develop apps using C# and Visual Studio.

Become confident in your ability to program with C# .NET for beginners by Rick Phillips. Learn the ins and outs of this popular programming language and take your skills to the next level.

This course is for beginners and aims to get you coding straight away. It teaches C# from the ground up and introduces key programming concepts as you go. No previous knowledge of programming is required. You’ll learn about variables, variables types, flow of control (loops and conditionals), method calls and recursion too. Full source code for all examples is available at

Learn C# .NET Basics with over 10 hours of Free Video & Audio training. Beginners should begin here.

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET, while building a complete web application using ASP.NET MVC 5!

This course is aimed at people who want to learn C# programming. The course assumes no previous knowledge of programming or of any other computer language. It will start with a short introduction to what you will be learning in the following chapters and then cover the basics of C#, moving onto variables, operators, flow control statements (if else), loops (for), arrays (int), classes and object-oriented programming. The next section covers methods and properties before looking at delegates, events and interfaces. We finish off by adding some advanced features like generics, inheritance and events.

Experience accelerated learning with Udemy. Join over 4 million students and use my course to learn C# .NET for Beginners.

Learn C# .NET with Udemy’s most popular course on the subject! With nearly 60,000 students, by far the most popular C# course ever offered on Udemy. Now updated for Visual Studio 2017 and C# 7.

The C# .NET Course for Beginners is aimed at developers who are new to the world of C#, including those who want to learn the basics of this powerful programming language. You will learn how to code in a modern, object-oriented way and be able to apply your new knowledge in building real applications that run on Windows, macOS, Linux and in the browser.

C# .Net for Beginners is an easy-to-follow course for programmers who are new to C#, who want to become fluent in C# and develop applications quickly with good architecting. C# developers will learn the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming in .NET, how to build a real world application using and Visual Studio, covering language features such as Classes, Interfaces and Delegates.

Web applications using the C# and .NET

Learn to build modern web applications using the C# programming language and .NET framework at the beginner level. This course covers the fundamentals of C#, memory management, object-oriented concepts and methods, working with data in arrays and collections, object-oriented programming techniques.

This course introduces the .NET Framework, which is the standard programming model for Windows-based applications. It enables you to write code more quickly and easily; there are also numerous tools, such as text editors and debuggers, that make it simpler to write and correct code.

C# .NET For Beginners by Rick Phillips teaches everything you need to know, from the basics of programming to actually creating a website. C# is a powerful modern programming language that is used as the core language for writing mobile apps, desktop applications and server software. It’s also used as the primary language with Microsoft’s extensive suite of developer tools. This course will teach you how to program in C# by taking you through each of the core concepts needed to begin coding right away.

C# .NET For Beginners is a comprehensive C# course designed to get you started programming in C#. It starts at the very beginning with the basics, so that even complete beginners will be able to follow along and pick up programing.

Build real-world apps and games with C# and .NET, even if you’ve never programmed before!

Are you ready to learn how to program? This course covers the fundamentals of C#, the language used to create many of the world’s most popular apps.

Teach yourself the basics of C# within a few hours! This course is aimed at those with little or no programming experience, who have always wanted to learn C# but have been put off by other courses which go way too fast, use long and difficult words or just give up after a few lessons.

Build the skills you need to learn C# programming! Get ahead of the curve with this easy-to-follow course, customized just for your skill level.

C# .NET is a powerful object-oriented programming language that allows you to create exciting and innovative applications. Enjoy the perfect learning experience with this course by Rick Phillips.

C# .NET is a powerful tool for creating object-oriented code, and this course helps you learn the language from scratch. Through hands-on training and real world examples, you’ll no only learn about syntax and keywords but also about key techniques for designing and implementing robust software. You’ll start out by learning the basics of C# syntax and structure, both with procedural code and as an object-oriented programming language. Then you’ll move on to understanding how C# handles data types like strings, integers, floating point numbers, arrays, dates and times. You’ll also master concepts like loops, conditional statements and functions while learning how dynamic typing affects method overload resolution.

This new course is designed to teach you C# .NET from scratch. Know the basics of how to read, write, compile and execute a program. So if you have an interest in learning how to learn programming or just want to get a great introduction or refresher course on C# this is the tutorial for you!

C#.NET is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It is considered to be an object-oriented language, which means that it can be used for building large programs with reusable components and extensibility. This course will teach you how to create your first C# application, including some basic object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, objects and methods.

learn C# programming

This is a complete beginner course to learn C# programming. You will start off by installing the Visual Studio and then you will write your first program. After that, you will learn what variables and data types are, how to use them, how they work individually or together in groups or arrays. While going through this course, you will also be introduced to loops and conditional statements; as well as make decisions using operators such as if-else statements and switch statements. By the end of this course, you’ll have a great understanding on how programs work and master the skill needed to get started in programming.

C# is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, used to write applications for smartphones, websites and databases, not to mention video games. Learning C# alone is like learning carpentry without a hammer. This course will teach you how to use this powerful language in context with other essential tools like C++, Java and Visual Studio so you can start building real-world applications straight away or build upon what you already know about developing for various platforms.

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