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Advanced Scala and Functional Programming | Rock the JVM

Scala skills

Taking your Scala skills to the next level, this course will help you move your applications to the JVM and beyond. Several topics are covered in this course as we explore advanced topics in Scala and functional programming, including: Writing clean code by leveraging immutability, writing concurrent programs with actors and Akka streams, and creating more efficient applications.

The ultimate guide to learn and master Scala, the most popular functional programming language. Designed for Java developers with an object-oriented programming background, this course will help you transition to Scala faster than ever!

This course is intended for experienced developers who are interested in learning advanced high-level programming languages, and focusing more on Scala.

Are you ready to build serious Scala applications at scale ?

Programming Scala is the only book you need to unlock the power of this powerful language. Written by a team of expert Scala contributors and maintainers, this book teaches you how to write smarter, more efficient code using this exciting new language. The book covers everything from the basics of using Scala to advanced topics such as concurrency, parallelism and testing.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. Functional Programming teaches you how to understand, create and identify functions clearly. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge needed to start coding and applying functional concepts in your daily work.

Get a head start in Scala and Functional Programming by learning from an experienced developer. In this course, you’ll learn advanced Scala features that will help you take your development skills to the next level.

Thrive as a software developer by learning to harness the power of Scala and Functional Programming to build robust, scalable applications in this comprehensive course.

Learn how to build advanced applications and deploy them to production while demonstrating your skills on various topics. Get the most out of Scala and Functional Programming in this course designed by a professional Scala developer. Learn how to build complex applications using Scalas advanced features, including Type Class Hierarchies, Futures/Promises/Jobs and Monads.

This course is for intermediate Scala developers. You may already know how to read and write Scala and have some experience with functional programming. I will show you how to take your programming skills to the next level by learning about advanced features of the Scala language and how to use them in practice.

This is a great course to learn Scala and Functional Programming, with lots of examples and exercises.

This is a course for programmers who are familiar with Scala and want to take their skills further. You will learn advanced methods and concepts from Functional Programing as well as from other programming languages such as Java, Haskell or C++

In this Udemy course you will learn Scala and get an introduction to advanced functional programming. Scala is one of the most popular object-oriented languages on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It is used by Facebook, Twitter and more than 3,000 companies internationally.

Are you a Scala developer looking to take your skills to the next level? You are not alone. Scala is one of the most popular languages on the planet and our beginners courses have been selling like hot cakes! But that’s just the beginning. This advanced track will continue to level up your knowledge in Functional Programming and Scala by exploring topics such as scalaz, cats, monix and other.

Scala code for the JVM

Learn to write beautiful, scalable, and functional Scala code for the JVM. You will start by learning about OOP concepts in Scala. You will learn to build a basic web server with an advanced routing system and web sockets, which you can then use to create real-time applications. Next, you will dive into FP techniques like comprehensions and tricks to avoid common FP pitfalls.

In this course you will explore Scala, a very powerful language for the JVM platform. You’ll gain an understanding of functional programming, and how it can be applied to solve problems in everyday life. The course focuses on key topics including concurrency, interoperability, advanced Scala features and more!

It’s time to move beyond the basics! If you have a working knowledge of Scala and functional programming, this course is for you. You can now master advanced functional patterns and data structures and begin developing real-world applications with confidence.

Scala is the most popular JVM language and provides a wealth of brilliant features that make programming more enjoyable, from elegant syntax to powerful libraries. Scala also offers an exciting opportunity: it has an unmatched power for practical programming, by combining the best features of object-oriented and functional programming. This course will give you all the skills needed to unlock these benefits in your own projects

Scala and Functional Programming

The world of software development is changing quickly and radically. This course is your guide to tackling the ever-evolving world of Scala and FP. You will learn how to leverage advanced functional concepts and come out a confident, productive developer ready to push the envelope in this exciting profession.

This course is for you if you want to reach a new level of mastery with Scala and Functional Programming. This course is for you if you want to understand why Scala developers are the rock stars in this industry, and become like them.

This course is aimed at intermediate Scala developers who want to understand functional programming concepts and apply them in Scala. In this course, youll learn about advanced functional programming patterns and techniques to help you write programs using less code, using more reasoning and building correct solutions.

Take your Scala coding skills to a whole new level! This course will show you how to become an advanced Scala developer. Starting with functional programming and then moving onto advanced topics like type classes and monads.

This course is aimed at Scala developers who wish to become proficient in advanced Scala and functional programming techniques. It targets intermediate Scala developers who have read the book ‘Functional Programming in Scala’ by Paul Chiusano and are familiar with idiomatic Scala code.

In this course, you will learn to code in the functional way. Scala is a language that allows you to write short and clear programs with great expressiveness.

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