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Introduction to Satellite 5G

Satellite 5G is a satellite and mobile broadband-only service that will deliver on the highest possible quality of internet. Satellite 5G customers can enjoy affordable, unlimited and fast data with no restrictions or throttling. You don’t have to worry about a low data limit, speed caps, download caps or other restrictions. Satellite 5G is an advanced internet service that connects you to the web through a global network of satellites in space. Satellite 5G gives you the speed and accessibility you need to stream movies and music. With up to 60Mbps download speeds and up to 4 Mbps upload speeds, it’s great for gaming, back-up devices or working from home. Satellite 5G is the next generation of satellite communication network, offering the fastest and most reliable high-speed internet connection worldwide. Satellite 5G is a global service that leverages a combination of Ku and Ka band radio frequency technology to connect users around the world. The future proof network architecture, built on existing satellites, will deliver unprecedented speed and coverage for your employees, clients and partners today – and well into the future. Satellite 5G will enable a range of 5G services, including mobile broadband and fixed networks. The new satellite will provide step-change improvements in network capacity, coverage, reach and performance to support the rapidly growing demand for high speed connectivity. It will also help to ensure that coverage is maintained even in those areas where ground-based infrastructure may be unable to reach due to difficult terrain or dense urban development. Satellite 5G is a leading provider of connectivity services and technologies for data, voice and internet service providers. We enable our customers to bring broadband to places where it’s never been available before—at the speed and coverage that customers expect. Satellite 5G is a satellite telecommunications service. It uses the wireless spectrum of radio waves, usually in the microwave range, to carry signals for telecommunications. These radio waves are transmitted by antennas called feed horns which convert the radio waves into electrical currents. The electrical currents are then transmitted down one or more feeds, each of which is a directed beam in space. Satellite 5G is a global cellular solution from Telesat that offers data rates up to 150 Mbps and mobility across any continent. It allows broadband connectivity to sub-Saharan Africa, South America and large parts of Asia where terrestrial networks are unavailable. Satellite 5G delivers high-speed coverage in all weather conditions and is designed for areas that require wireless backhaul solutions. Satellite 5G is an innovative global communications service that partners with existing satellite operators and builds on their existing global coverage to offer new 5G services worldwide. This is a 5G WiFi router for your home. It creates an ultrafast, super-secure 5G Wi-Fi hotspot in your house, eliminating the need to pay for nor subscribe to expensive broadband service or mobile data plans. You can use the Satellite with any smartphone, tablet or laptop (not included). Satellite 5G is a satellite that provides high-speed wireless internet to rural communities. With up to 20 times the speed of today’s existing satellites, it will serve a population that otherwise would not have access to broadband internet services. Satellite 5G delivers next-generation mobile broadband internet to users worldwide. It’s the first ever low cost, highly scalable satellite network that doesn’t rely on expensive ground installations or a ground based cell tower infrastructure. Satellite 5G provides bandwidth for data access and voice services including telephony, remote access, IPTV and other value added services.

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