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Introduction to Resonant 5G

Resonant 5G is the next generation of wireless connectivity and a full-featured, high-speed wireless platform that supports a wide range of mobile devices and applications. The resonant 5G solution is based on LTE Advanced / CA technologies that provide industry leading advantages in speed, capacity, performance and reliability. Resonant 5G is a 5G network that uses a combination of mobile and fixed wireless technologies to deliver ultra-low latency, high reliability, and very high-speed services. The low latency of Resonant’s 5G solutions helps give users—especially those in the gaming industry—real-time action at their fingertips. The Resonant 5G is the only 5G network that works more like your current wireless network, providing consistent, reliable coverage. The Resonant solution uses existing cell sites to efficiently increase backhaul capacity with a sophisticated, software-defined networking solution that reduces operational expenses while increasing speeds, coverage and capacity. It also reduces latency by up to 60% – meaning faster connections and better performance for everyone. Resonant 5G creates a stronger bond with your device by acting as a second antenna and improving signal transmission. It is a drop-in replacement with no performance impact. The Resonant 5G is a high-end gaming headset with a great mix of comfort and audio quality. The over-ear design ensures coverage without the pressure of typical on-ear headphones, keeping you comfortable for hours. The 40mm neodymium drivers are tuned to offer high clarity and deep bass without distortion even at top volume levels. The Resonant 5G is an unlocked GSM smartphone that features a 6.1-inch OLED display, 3D Face Unlock, IntelliSkin and more. It’s the first fully modular smartphone ever with upgradeable modules and supports the latest 5G networks. Re-Define 5G with Resonant 5G, the first true affordable stabilizer for all your mobile and compact cameras. The Resonant 5G is a hand-held stabilizer that is built to fit within small and compact spaces while being able to adapt to most of your equipment. With an intuitive design, it is easy to set up and operate in any location. Compatible with most of your devices, we support RED cameras , Sony A7RIII , Canon DSLR’s and many more! Resonant 5G is a high performance, low cost unified software-defined wireless access platform that provides the foundation for a modern wireless network. Resonant 5G is the first end-to-end wireless solution designed and tested to help you maintain an edge in the race to 5G. By providing next-generation 5G, carrier-grade Wi-Fi, and advanced location services, Resonant 5G helps you stay ahead of your competition. Resonant 5G is an ultra-low latency and performance-driven offering that interconnects the intelligent edge devices, mobile 4G/5G devices, and distributed cloud with a multi-service transport platform. The platform connects users in densified 5G networks with a carrier neutral host server and delivers advanced features such as caching, WAN optimization, API gateway and microservices to improve business agility and drive new revenue opportunities. The Resonant 5G is a world first – an ultra-portable charger that wirelessly charges at 5G speeds up to 10x faster than a standard Apple iPad Pro. Using breakthrough technology, the device gives you the power of multiple wall chargers with the size of a smart phone. The device recharges itself in 4 minutes, while charging your devices in under 2 minutes. It’s even small enough to pocket or backpack!

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