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Introduction to ORAN

ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) is a concept for running an open, shared, and neutral access network. The goal of ORAN is to provide universal access to a common resource for all citizens and companies, regardless of the platform or application being used to communicate. ORAN is part of ETH Zurich’s Communications Network group and develops open radio access technologies for future 5G mobile networks. We are creating a new paradigm for next-generation mobile network architectures. Our objective is to invent new ways to quickly deploy and operate radio networks, that enable an innovative business model for all actors in telecommunications.ORAN is a new cellular radio access network that brings the latest advances in wireless technology to mobile operators. Whether you are deploying voice or data services, ORAN speeds time to market, simplifies operations, and lowers costs by addressing the specific needs of each market segment.

OpenRAN Reference Architecture

ORAN reference architecture

ORAN concept

When we create new networks, we need to use appropriate technology, as well as consider the application environment. With ORAN, operators can create their own networks, while taking advantage of the latest technologies to extend coverage and gain a competitive advantage. ORAN is an open radio access network, a software-only solution that implements the needed functionality to enable mobile broadband. It is a simulation platform that provides a realistic emulation of the core network and Evolved Packet Core functionalities. It also includes a software stack for the user equipment. Using ORAN as a testbed, different functionalities can be tested against real network elements, providing developers with rich capabilities to optimize their products. ORAN is an Open-sourced and open-access protocol stack that supports key building blocks to realize a ubiquitous wireless access network capable of supporting a wide range of application scenarios, including communications, position location, and vehicle health monitoring. ORAN’s main goals are to support applications with very different requirements and to provide common network infrastructure for all applications on a single platform.

Open RAN Architecture

ORAN is an open radio access network. ORAN provides access to the mobile core network and internet for low-cost terminals such as smartphones, mobile routers, and PDAs. The main objectives of ORAN are to provide an easy-to-implement and inexpensive alternative for creating a mobile telecommunication system, to provide more freedom in choosing services and applications, and to enable new business opportunities for service providers.ORAN is an open-access network where the public can offer services and build e-services like e-health, e-education, e-government, e-academia, e-agriculture, etc. ORAN uses a centralized infrastructure to offer a new way of communication.

ORAN is a new IoT concept that allows you to communicate with billions of devices with a social network built on blockchain, including sensors and connected cars. ORAN is a communication and entertainment platform designed for the internet of things. It’s an open-source protocol. Don’t be left out, get your piece of the world! it is an open cellular radio access network (RAN) specification. It breaks with the traditional approach of using circuit-switched techniques for both interconnecting devices in a network and connecting devices to the core network. Instead, it proposes to use existing IP technologies for such connections. Such architecture will lead to simpler implementations of devices, easier and more cost-effective deployment of networks, better scalability, and much more flexibility.

Open RAN node integrator

ORAN is an adblocker that can also block malware and phishing attempts, every time you connect to a WiFi network. ORAN uses the concept of a “local micro cloud” to create an encrypted peer-to-peer network between your computer and other devices on the same network. This creates a “firewall” around you and your information when connected to any public or private WiFi access points.

ORAN allows multiple-access technologies on a single network. A variety of access methods, transmission techniques, and multiplexing support makes ORAN suitable for applications ranging from fixed and mobile services to point-to-point connectivity.

ORAN vision

ORAN is a key part of the 5G Vision. It is an access network that utilizes the existing technologies, spectrum, and infrastructure to create new radio access for users who want to come on board.

ORAN is the technology that allows multiple radio access technologies to operate together, making it possible for devices from different manufacturers and networks to communicate directly, rather than via an intermediary. As such it represents a significant innovation in mobile communications and aims to make m-commerce services more accessible to end-users by reducing roaming costs

ORAN is a wireless networking technology that brings the power of new technologies to your home or business. ORAN delivers high-speed Internet access through a secure, open radio network – putting control of your broadband experience directly into your hands.

ORAN is an Open Radio Access Network that aims to connect everyone and everything, anytime, anywhere. ORAN is a new type of Internet Protocol (IP) based wireless communication infrastructure with the intent to support several applications such as Mobile-to-Mobile; Infrastructure-to-mobile; Infrastructure-to-Infrastructure and many more. ORAN provides an open service where layers can be added to build various application services such as broadcast, connectivity, and others.

ORAN is a new paradigm in wireless communication networks. It finally liberates the design of communication systems from the constraints imposed by today’s Carrier Ethernet-based networks. ORAN provides mobile users with better call quality and coverage, lower operational costs, and contributes to green communications by leveraging existing investments in wired networks. It is an Open Radio Access Network operating in the unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency band to enable low-cost and high-speed WiFi connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, city-wide Wi-Fi networks, and other services. ORAN enables communities to take full advantage of the high data rates provided by 802.11ac technology while keeping costs low.

The ORAN™ network is a new way to think about wireless networks. It provides open access to the spectrum, so companies can choose the type of device best suited to their needs and easily market and sell devices with differing capabilities on the same network. With ORAN, you can create a network with any cable modem on the market, using standard software. Your computer becomes a node in the network and lets you talk to other computers on other nodes without worrying about the details of where they are located.

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