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Introduction to Open Source 5G

Open Source 5G is a new open source framework for software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) based on Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). It will enable disaggregation of network functions, running them in Virtual Machines on standard x86 hardware. It aims to be able to run all existing networks on standard Linux-based server platforms and has being used as the base for several commercial 5G solutions. Open source 5G is an initiative to accelerate the development of open source software and tools for 5G new radio (NR) and other mobile ecosystem technologies. The initiative aims to support innovation, increase efficiency, and lower costs by allowing the development and deployment of software at runtime rather than as a static program. Open-source 5G software enables you to quickly design, build and test 5G network applications. It is based on a modular architecture that lets you use the functionalities required for your application with no modifications. Open-source 5G is a standardization effort of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), focused on enabling the deployment and evolution of open, flexible radio access networks based on software defined networking technologies. The initiative is part of a global initiative to make 5G networks more affordable and significantly reduces companies’ total cost of ownership. 5G provides a fast, reliable and secure wireless connection to the Internet. Before you can use 5G, you need a 5G device. Open Source 5G is the most disruptive communications technology that we have seen in decades. It has the chance to fundamentally change how we live, work and play. Open Source 5G can also spur economic growth around the world and create new opportunities for innovation and economic expansion. With this innovative technology available to everyone, it will be up to us to commit time and research into testing, experimenting, and broadening the possibilities that this new standard brings to our daily lives. The essential quality of open source 5G is that it will be made by everyone, for everyone. Open source 5G is developed by the entire global community of researchers and industry, including universities, companies and non-profits — many of whom are working together to make 5G technology available now, so that we can all benefit from it as soon as possible. Open Source 5G is the global initiative to create a software-based, flexible and low cost 5G network. Working towards realizing the potential of open source 5G, the collective will collaborate on and promote open source solutions for enabling 5G connectivity and networks. Open Source 5G is an initiative that aims to accelerate the deployment of open source software in 5G networks. The Open Source 5G Initiative will leverage its members’ expertise in researching, developing and deploying 5G systems by leveraging open source software. Open Source 5G is a global initiative to support and accelerate the development and deployment of 5G ecosystems. The focus is on accelerating industry collaboration and co-creation to deliver the open, interoperable, and trustworthy infrastructure required for a successful transition to 5G. 5G will enable a new paradigm of wireless communications, facilitating the emergence of new wireless services and business models.

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