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Introduction to Open 5G Core

Open 5G Core is an open source software development kit (SDK) targeted towards research, engineering and education in next-generation wireless communication systems. Open 5G Core is an implementation of the RAN specifications for 5G NR. The implementation provides an extensive hardware and software platform with many features required to develop, test and debug 5G NR with realistic scenarios. The Open 5G Core platform is an integrated software and hardware product that enables an organization to quickly design, validate, and deploy 5G NR-based networks. With Open 5G Core, you can build custom-tailored network stacks, fully integrate with third-party tools, and extend features through an extensive range of extensibility points. Open 5G Core provides a set of standardized interfaces and accelerated network capabilities such as: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Traffic Management Processor (TMP), Radio Resource Management (RRM), Service Chaining (SC), Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC). Open 5G Core is a reference implementation of the 5G New Radio (NR) specification. The implementation includes radio software and middleware, serving as a reference platform for mobile operators, chipset vendors and device manufacturers to validate implementations against their business cases across the various variants of 2G, 3G and 4G standards.

Description of Open 5G core

Open 5G Core provides a standardised implementation of the 5G system model Local Area Network (LAN) interface. This standardisation will enable commercial and open source SON software developers to deliver embedded network virtualisation solutions using an agreed set of interfaces that adhere to the 3GPP standards for first release 5G systems. 5G Core is an open-source software framework running on commodity hardware that enables you to build your own 5G network. It provides a number of features including architecture and high-level functions, giving you the tools needed to pack more intelligence into every device. By following this guide, you’ll be able to deploy 5G core as a virtual machine in Azure or locally on your own infrastructure. Open 5G Core is a standards-based, complete and flexible 5G core – ready to run on standard hardware and software. It includes all the capabilities you need for your mobile network: Control plane, Signalling (S1) and Media plane, Integration with LTE network infrastructure, Interfaces for IMS (Voice), MMGW, HSS and Diameter server etc. Open 5G Core is a new, open source software development environment for the real-time portion of 5G mobile networks. Open 5G Core offers a complete set of APIs and libraries to develop applications, and abstracts away the underlying hardware. It can be used to develop both Radio Access Network (RAN) software for the eNodeB and Packet Core software for the Evolved Packet Core (EPC). Open 5G Core is an open source implementation of the 5G protocol stack, features and functions. The goal of Open 5G Core is to provide an appropriate reference model for the development of 3GPP compliant mobile devices by providing the baseline functionality required to connect users to a mobile network. Open 5G Core is an open source project aimed at developing a fully decoupled, highly modular and dynamic software stack that supports the complete 5G spectrum. The main focus is on the development of Control Plane including: 5G NR and LTE Control Plane, 5G NR Radio Access & Network Topology Control Plane and User Equipment Segmentation & Configuration. Open 5G Core aims to be vendor agnostic and support multiple heterogeneous hardware platforms. Open 5G Core is an open source 5G network architecture that provides a flexible and extensible network platform upon which a variety of cellular systems can be built, including massive MIMO.

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