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Introduction to NR 5101

The NR 5101 is a switch that allows you to control your lights and devices from your PC or mobile phone. The NR 5101 is a compact, professional 802.11a/b/g wireless receiver with radio frequency dynamic switching capability. The NR5101 has four 50 ohm RF input connectors and one connector for the data output. The programmable tuning steps are set by DIP switches on the board. A board-mounted ceramic filter is used for each input channel. Two LEDs and one relay output are provided on the front panel for easy use and debugging. The NR 5101’s modular design includes two 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be combined to form a single 20-Gigabit Ethernet port, or the two ports can be used independently. Each port is controlled by a separate CPU and supports a dedicated buffer memory for each transmit and receive function. This results in exceptional performance for network applications with high data transfer rates. The RISC CPU is specifically designed for network processing operations such as TCP/IP checksums, TCP segmentation and reassembly, IP fragmentation/reassembly and Ethernet frame parsing/formatting. These capabilities are ideally suited to detection of IP data streams containing payloads larger than the maximum transfer unit (MTU). NR 5101 is a portable, easy-to-use Bluetooth® proximity card reader that enables companies to easily create, manage, and securely access virtual secured facilities. The NR 5101 ensures faster supervision and data collection by eliminating the need for employees to carry or wear any physical tokens or devices. This allows companies to significantly reduce the time spent on standard procedures, freeing up resources for customer service and other business activities.

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