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Description of Nokia Airscale

Nokia Airscale is a net-ready, ultra-compact, portable cellular site system for rapidly deploying and operating a small cell network. Nokia AirScale is a fiber-connected base station that consolidates multiple radio technologies on a single platform. The Nokia AirScale solution enables operators to dynamically scale capacity and coverage to meet growing demand for mobile data services and new use cases such as 5G, IoT and connected cars. The Nokia AirScale Micro Radio Access Network (MAN) is a software-defined and virtualized fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) architecture that can be used to deploy 5G and beyond networks. The solution is based on the Open Source MANO Node software with Nokia AirFrame hardware and includes full support for second generation (2G), third generation (3G), fourth generation (4G) LTE, future 5G New Radio, and IPv6 technologies. Airscale is a fully managed network analysis service that provides real-time visibility into application and network performance. With Airscale, operators can optimize the performance of their networks with automated thresholds and alerts for applications. Airscale helps operators reduce operational costs, improve customer experience and increase mobile broadband ARPU by avoiding congestion and optimizing traffic routing functions like handover between base stations. Nokia AirScale is the world’s first and only multi-radio cloud-ready core network in a box with full 6Gbps functionality. With fully distributed software defined functionality and ultra-low latency, this purpose built network core can be deployed anywhere to improve service quality and enhance user experience. Nokia AirScale is a cloud-native, software-defined radio platform that lets you meet your customers’ high-performance LTE expectations, even in hard-to-reach locations. Built from the bottom up as a cloud native service with open APIs, Nokia AirScale lets you keep pace with the latest wireless technology — without heavy equipment investments or backhaul upgrades. Nokia AirScale is a revolutionary new Cloud RAN innovation designed to efficiently connect both mobile and fixed networks. It consists of baseband software running on a Nokia AirFrame cloud radio access platform, gNodeB micro cell hardware and Nokia’s 3GPP compliant air interface software. Nokia AirScale is built to deliver. It uses advanced analytics and global cloud security to provide a managed software defined network (SDN) solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. The Nokia AirScale Radio Access Network (RAN) software solution offers operators a platform for the seamless delivery of 5G multi-gigabit services. Mobile data traffic is growing at an astonishing rate and exceeding the capabilities of traditional infrastructure. The Nokia AirScale base stations offer high capacity, ultra-low latency, and carrier-grade broadband performance to meet the demands of 5G mobile networks and provide a cost-effective solution for upgrading existing 4G LTE networks to new standards.

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