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Nokia 5G modem

Nokia 5G modem is designed for 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G LTE and all existing LTE radio bands. This silicon Qualcomm chipset based S1 modem is integrated with advanced antenna modules made of the most advanced materials in the industry. The combination of new antennas and the latest Qualcomm chipset brings Nokia customers a breakthrough in network performance on the mobile Internet. Nokia 5G modem for 5G networks is designed to deliver ultra-fast, low latency connectivity with a single device. Designed for use by mobile network operators and other service providers for IoT and ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC) use cases. Nokia 5G modem, the world’s first commercially available and fully functional 5G NR (New Radio) modem designed for OEMs and operators. The Nokia 5G modem is based on the 3GPP-compliant AirScale baseband and RFIC solution, providing higher spectral efficiency for mobile broadband services. It supports both sub-6 GHz bands with backward compatibility to 3GPP LTE DC-HSPA and 4G LTE FDD networks, as well as mmWave frequencies. Nokia 5G Modem is a compact and USB-based LTE Category M1/NB1 modem that covers all the bands worldwide, including sub-6GHz low band and high band. It supports 3GPP Release 15 capabilities, allowing users to enjoy seamless 5G network experience. The Nokia 5G Modems provide mobile broadband speeds and connectivity in a compact form factor. The new family of modems are designed to deliver mobile Ultra-Broadband (eMBB) and Massive-Machine Type Communications (mMTC) capability using 5G networks, enabling people to access data, applications and content on the go. Nokia 5G modem is a universal 5G small cell solution that bridges the gap between macro and micro cell environments. Deployed co-located with operator macro base stations and small cells, in Nokia 5G modem, we have combined high capacity radio access network (RAN) features, including Massive MIMO and beamforming, with an integral core network node that boasts state-of-the-art Core Processor Unit (CPU) architecture. The Nokia 5G modem provides broadband and ultra-low latency connectivity for mobile users and has a modular architecture to enable accelerated download speeds of up to 5 Gbps. The compact, all-in-one design boosts network efficiency, maximizing capacity for the most demanding applications. To simplify deployment and support, it features multi-band carrier aggregation and dynamic spectrum functionality, plus two 1GE ports that are transition ready for legacy equipment. The Nokia 5G modem offers new levels of price performance. The Nokia 5G modem is ideal for both mobile and fixed wireless service providers with its cost-effective, flexible device architecture: you can choose the right radio spectrum bands and spectrum combinations for your business case. The Nokia 5G is a multi-mode LTE, 5G, LTE Advanced Pro and NB-IoT Cat M1 modem, supporting all three mobile network types. It allows operators to provide services at their core network edge areas with extreme efficiency in terms of energy consumption and cost. The Nokia 5G Modem also supports a flexible range of devices and applications enabling innovative business models and expanding the use cases for 5G. Solutions based on the Nokia 5G Modem ensure that operators can quickly realize the full potential of their 5G networks for both consumer-centric applications and mission critical services such as remote surgery or industrial automation.

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