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Introduction to 5G gateway

Nokia 5G gateway is a flexible, software-defined 5G platform that enables secure and reliable 5G services. It uses the latest 5G technologies and virtualized networks to provide adaptable, agile and manageable service delivery, paving the way for new business opportunities. The Nokia 5G gateway is a compact and low-power design for high performance and reliability. It provides the ideal solution for servicing a single home or apartment, offering you a quick and easy way to enjoy ultra-fast mobile broadband speeds. The Nokia 5G gateway is the first commercial radio access equipment to support 5G NR. It combines the best of software defined radio with the latest in DSP and FPGA technologies to achieve a more agile and intelligent gateway. Operators can use the Nokia 5G gateway as a key part of their 5G NR networks, combining it with other Nokia air interfaces to deliver ultra-high speeds, ultra-low latency, low-power consumption, scalability and cost efficiency through the use of network slicing. The Nokia 5G gateway is the backbone of Nokia’s 5G infrastructure. Nokia’s end-to-end management capabilities, including monitoring and troubleshooting functionality, provide a fully integrated solution that is easy to deploy, operate and maintain. The Nokia 5G gateway is a fundamental element for the integration and management of 5G networks. It enables operators to capture, process and analyze vast amounts of data in real time essential to deliver new services such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and much more. The Nokia 5G gateway is a cloud-native architecture that provides the building blocks for 5G networks. It enables mobile operators to create next generation services and applications for consumers, businesses, and society at large. The Nokia 5G gateway consists of a secure access controller and a cloud native data plane (CNP) core. The secure access controller is responsible for service and subscriber management tasks, such as authentication and authorization management for wireless subscribers’ devices, service control for IP flows, as well as access control enforcement in the radio interface. In order to ensure uninterrupted connectivity during handovers between eNodeBs (Evolved Node Bs), an intrusion detection system is implemented in the gateway to track users’ cell identities and detect intruders entering or leaving subscribed areas. The Nokia 5G gateway is the first commercial 5G infrastructure device, combining a 10Gbps port with home broadband service to deliver the best of both worlds – ultra-high speed broadband, combined with a secure and reliable ultra-low latency communication solution for smart cities and industry automation, working at the cutting edge of technology. The Nokia 5G gateway is a broadband wireless solution that sets up a 5G wireless access point. Using this solution, you can connect to the internet via 5G high-speed wireless connectivity and avoid having to install expensive fiber optics. With this gateway, you can access media-rich applications and services without worrying about latency delays or congestion on a 4G network. The compact design is ideal for use in both residential and commercial environments. The Nokia 5G gateway is a full-featured radio access network (RAN) solution. You get the agile hardware and software that deliver deterministic performance, with clear cut upgrade paths. A flexible deployment model allows you to decide where you have centralized or distributed core functions. The Nokia 5G gateway is an essential part of your network to enable the first wave of 5G services. It offers a fully integrated system that covers all aspects of the mobile network infrastructure, including radio access network and core network elements. It will support interoperability between different spectrum bands worldwide, enabling operators to meet the needs of their local markets.

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