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Introduction to Nokia 5G Fastmile

The Nokia 5G Fastmile is a highly-reliable, field-proven wireless backhaul solution for metropolitan 5G connectivity. The Nokia 5G Fastmile can support Mission Critical Applications and provides assured bandwidth to support telco use cases. Nokia 5G Fastmile is the world’s first end-to-end carrier grade 5G solution. Nokia 5G Fastmile consists of an advanced base station, a high-performance microwave link, an optimized software solution suite, and a service assurance solution. The Nokia 5G Fastmile is a mobile router that allows users to experience the same fast speeds as fiber in the home. It enables fixed connectivity over 2G, 3G and LTE networks as well as connection over 5G. It also enables multiple services at once, including remote enterprise mobile offices and last mile fiber extension of fiber access systems. The Nokia 5G Fastmile is an LTE Advanced Pro technology integrated radio with a high-performance, scalable and ultra-low latency baseband form factor. It delivers quick deployment, with all the key performance features, including multiple frequency bands, as well as interoperability with existing 4G services. With a Nokia 5G Fastmile, you can be sure that your customers are connected to the most reliable and high-performing networks available. Our 5G base stations, small cells, and edge technologies deliver capacity, coverage, and reliability needed by your customers to experience the richest mobile network experiences in dense urban environments. A new type of connectivity is coming, and Nokia is on the forefront. 5G Fast Mile is a virtual reality application where schoolchildren around the world can connect with each other through shared experiences and unlock their learning potential. Nokia 5G Fastmile is a cloud-ready fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution that delivers optimized backhaul, network slicing with service chaining and flexible connectivity, plus security and control. It simplifies the rollout and maintenance of next-generation (5G) networks. The solution provides a single VNF for all access types and applications, including fixed wireless access, cellular radio access and satellite radio access, saving time and money throughout the project lifecycle. Nokia 5G Fastmile is part of Nokia’s next generation 5G solution. It supports both sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrum, delivering a seamless user experience across the entire spectrum. The Nokia 5G Fastmile is a small cell solution designed to provide the highest level of performance, scalability and flexibility. The fully integrated central coordinator and unified management solution that enables fast build-out, monitoring, maintenance and installation. Nokia 5G Fastmile is a software layer that enables mobile network operators to create their own private, permissioned 5G networks – today. These solutions will be available by end of 2019 and are primarily targeted at enterprises and public services, who face an increasing need for high performance, low latency connectivity and business applications as data consumption increases. Nokia 5G Fastmile is based on the Nokia AirScale platform which has been thoroughly tested and proven at scale in diverse environments across the world. Nokia 5G Fastmile makes the future of 5G technology possible today. The end-to-end mobile value chain for 5G will clearly be an enabler for new services and business models. We are focused on unlocking the potential of 5G with comprehensive solutions that make it easier to deploy and manage, accelerate rapid business transformation and increase operational efficiency.

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