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Introduction to Mini CRAN

Mini CRAN is ideal for new users who are just starting to use R. It includes everything you need to run R in a Linux environment, including a graphical user interface, programming tools and data exploration capabilities. The Mini CRAN is an extremely compact pen drive with a small, streamlined design that fits neatly into your pocket or on a keychain. The Mini CRAN is designed to be an all-in-one sensor system for rapid prototyping and data collection. With this package, you can convert your Arduino projects into robots that can interact with a real environment in real time. The kit contains a distance sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and compass that can be used together or separately in your projects. Mini CRAN installs files from their repositories and from Dr. R’s website. It includes a few tools (e.g., pagerank, functionrank) that help you evaluate the most important actors in the community and find influential data. miniCRAN is an extremely compact and lightweight C++ library that provides a basic set of general purpose statistical and graphical routines for non-dimensioned data. It contains the most used functions for descriptive statistics, numerical trending and comparisons, graphical displays, random numbers generation and many more. The main advantage of miniCRAN lies in its ease of use: There are no virtual functions or templates so learning how it works takes not much time. By default all floating point numbers are treated as doubles but it is easy to change them to long double or float. Mini CRAN is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows you to write down your thoughts on-the-go. It’s the perfect way to organize your thoughts, daily tasks and ideas. The note book has a beautiful design, it’s easy to use, syncs with any device as well as previous observations and it’s free! Mini CRAN is a small, portable version of the full-scale CRAN. It includes the most important components of the platform, including all of the hardware and software necessary to run an autonomous vehicle. Mini CRAN is an excellent starting point for industry newbies and veterans alike. Mini CRAN is an agile, next generation C-band earth station built on the success of the original CRAN. Mini CRAN has all the features of a traditional Cobham CRAN earth station but with reduced size, weight, and power requirements. With up to 4 times more spectral efficiency than a traditional earth station, Mini CRAN is a truly innovative solution for high capacity broadband applications requiring enhanced video bandwidth and high-definition video traffic. The Mini CRAN provides easy installation and wire management for your network. It works with 1G/10G SFP+ ports and increases the speed of your network. Mini CRAN is a two-month course to provide an overview of the basic concepts behind data analysis, including applied statistics and machine learning. The course will cover some of the core tools in R, such as ggplot2, dplyr, tidyverse, and rmarkdown for reporting. The Mini Cran is a device designed to help you build muscle and lose weight quickly. It combines the best of resistance exercise with active care, helping you improve your body’s natural ability to lose fat and gain muscle.

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