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Introduction to Marvell 5G

Marvell 5G is a high-performance, 5G Ready WiFi solution that enables service providers to cost-effectively deliver multi-gigabit speeds. Built on our proven 802.11ax architecture, Marvell 5G delivers 11GbE performance at the edge while supporting peak speeds of up to 7 Gbps from any smartphone, tablet or laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Marvell 5G family of multi-mode cellular base stations provides an optimized hardware and software platform for deployments that support multiple frequency bands, including 2.3GHz, 3.5GHz and 4.9 GHz unlicensed bands, as well as for 5G NR commercial trials. Marvell 5G based on the new industry’s leading cellular modem and RF platforms, which deliver the industry’s best power efficiency and lowest latency across all major spectrum bands. Marvell 5G is a true, global 5G platform. It supports all frequency bands in the unlicensed and licensed spectrum, delivering unprecedented low latency, ultra-high throughput and ultra-low latency through its advanced design. Marvell 5G is capable of delivering 200Gbps speeds to devices, which makes it economically feasible for operators to run newer applications at higher frequencies. Marvell 5G is the world’s first integrated mmWave antenna, delivering an unprecedented level of performance through an innovative design that supports large diversity and beamforming arrays. The Marvell 5G solution enables operators to utilize the full potential of their 4G LTE network until 5G deployment is complete. 5G is the next technological innovation of wireless communication. It is expected to bring better, more personalized services and experiences to customers as well as businesses. Marvell’s 5G solutions enable operators to take advantage of the benefits that 5G has to offer today – namely higher network capacity, lower latency and reduced energy consumption – while at the same time delivering an affordable investment lifecycle for operators, who can leverage their existing infrastructure investments into a new all-IP ecosystem with Marvell silicon. Introducing the Marvell 5G family of 5G-enabled LTE/5G SoCs and Applications processors, built on an industry-first heterogeneous multi-core architecture. The new Marvell 5G SoCs provide leading performance and enable mobile service providers to deliver high-quality, low-latency connectivity to their customers. Marvell 5G is a revolutionary new 5G W-CDMA/LTE baseband processor that delivers a range of benefits to mobile network carriers and OEMs by optimizing LTE and HSPA+ networks for enhanced user experience, providing the foundation for future global cellular broadband infrastructure. Marvell’s 5G Modem portfolio is designed to deliver the industry’s leading mobile networks and services. Delivering breakthrough features, our broad 5G portfolio enables operators to respond rapidly to market conditions and win with higher capacity, increased flexibility and reliability. Marvell 5G is a third-generation 5G semiconductor, designed specifically to enable Mission-Critical networks. It’s a highly reliable and secure, small cell-ready platform that supports self-deployment. The Marvell 5G portfolio includes the industry’s first standalone 5G System-on-Chip (SoC) solution that is designed to enable multiple use cases across diverse industries, including mobile, automotive and IoT. 5G is expected to bring a new era of smart and connected devices, creating a world of ubiquitous connectivity. 5G will be used for a wide range of applications, including business transactions and consumer entertainment as well as automation and new forms of healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation. The increased speed and responsiveness enabled by 5G networks will enable a host of new consumer experiences such as dynamic auto-route guidance for driverless vehicles; extremely low latency communication for virtual reality; HD or higher resolution teleconferencing; real-time networking with multiple users in the same physical space; connectivity with autonomous vehicles that can communicate with each other and other road-based infrastructure.

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