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Introduction to Marvell 5G technology

Marvell 5G technology enables quick and seamless connectivity to network providers and the Internet, supporting a wide range of applications including entertainment, smart home, office automation and industrial automation. Marvell’s 5G technology has been designed from the ground up to bring true 5G NR experience to both mobile and fixed broadband users. It provides carriers with optimized solutions that address the challenges of future 5G network deployments, such as increasing user density, massive IoT use cases and high-bandwidth applications. Marvell 5G is a family of multi-gigabit solutions optimized for high-transmission data rates, near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths and other related wireless communication applications. Marvell’s 5G technology provides operators with the ability to provide a high-performance, future-proof operating environment, as well as the flexibility to evolve their network as they see fit. Marvell’s 5G Modem is compatible with existing LTE and millimeter wave (mmWave) deployments, allowing service providers to migrate seamlessly from legacy networks to mmWave spectrum during their deployment roadmap. Marvell 5G Platform is designed to enable a wide range of devices from smartphones, tablets, and PCs to medical devices and industrial automation systems. This proprietary, dual-core SoC features a 12-analog-channel modem for 28GHz operation with 32x40Gbps multi-user MIMO capabilities. The SoC is also capable of supporting HetNets (heterogeneous networks) with integrated LTE & Wi-Fi radios. Marvell 5G technology is a family of radios that deliver the best combination of power and performance to connect people, devices and networks to create new opportunities for businesses. Marvell 5G technology utilizes a high-speed, low-power and cost effective hardware platform to deliver the best performance combined with a modem that supports the latest 3GPP LTE, Wi-Fi and Satellite standards. Marvell 5G technology delivers a scalable, ultra-low power solution that can be integrated into the most demanding designs. It features a range of features including advanced RF isolation, high efficiency power-down modes, and multiple bias configurations to support the widest range of supply voltages on 12nm process technology. This enables designers to speed time-to-market and reduce development costs. Marvell is a leading provider of 5G enablement solutions for the wireless network infrastructure industry. Our technology portfolio includes 5G baseband, RF transceivers and antennas for mobile device, IoT and infrastructure including chipsets, IP/ASICs and reference designs. Network operators are at the forefront of deploying 5G to improve user experience by providing better connectivity, faster speeds and lower latency. Marvell 5G technology is the industry’s first 5G modem and baseband in a single portfolio providing a comprehensive, integrated solution for advanced connectivity. This family of products is designed to connect people and things to high-speed mobile networks for future communication experiences. Marvell’s 5G technology is designed for high-performance, efficiency and power consumption-efficient connectivity in compact mobile devices. 5G is expected to delivers to advanced performance, reliability and flexibility. Marvell’s 5G solutions feature solutions in all areas of cellular connectivity, including RF design and antenna systems, chipset solutions for mobile infrastructure and devices and integrated circuits for wireless networking. The Marvell 5G x86 Platform is a general purpose network infrastructure solution that has been designed to support both wireless and wireline access. Optimized for multi-access strategy, it also supports multiple application types including voice over LTE (VoLTE), VoWiFi and machine-type communications (mMTC).

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