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Syrian Telecommunication Establishment (STE), MTN Syria, Syriatel. 

  1. MTN Syria

Syria was previously known as “Areeba”. It was founded in 2007. Its headquarter is located in Damascus, Syria. The area served by MTN Syria is in Syria. It provides some services such as mobile network operator, Internet services. MTN Group, TeleInvest are the owners of this company. 

The years of civil war and destruction to infrastructure continue to have a toll on the telecoms sector in Syria. Although over the years the major mobile service providers Syriatel and MTN Syria have endeavoured to restore and rebuild damaged networks, the operating environment has been difficult. Following disputed demands for back taxes, MTN Group in July 2021 confirmed that it could no longer operate in the country, and planned to sell its majority stake in MTN Syria to the other shareholder Tele Invest.


MTN Syria
  1. Syriatel

Syriatel is the second type of Mobile operator operating in Syria. The Syriatel company was founded in 2000. Its headquarter is located in Damascus, Syria. The company provides some services to its users such as GSM / 3G and 4G / LTE. Syriatel launched a 4G network that provides 150 MB/s speeds in 2017. 


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