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Ethiotelecom is the only operator that is operating in Ethiopia country. Ethio telecom was formally known as the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation. Ethiotelecom was established on 29 November 2010. Its headquarter is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The area served by this company is only in Ethiopia. Frehiwot Tamiru is the CEO and Tefera Derebew is the chairman of the board of Ethio Telecom. This company provides some services such as Mobile, Fixed Line, Broadband and Telebirr. Ethiotelecom operator also provides the services like hybrid sim account, VSAT, mobile broadband, VPN service, business mobile and internet, M2M business, fax, fixed wireless CDMA, fixed-line service, domain name service, Mobile Internet services, EVDO, ADSL, Roaming services, and mobile services.  Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation is the owner of this company. ETC utilizes the earth station at Sululta which transmits and receives signals to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean satellites for international communication links. In late 2006, the ETC signed a contract with three Chinese companies, ZTE Corporation, Huawei Technologies and the Chinese International Telecommunication Construction Corporation to enhance and expand Ethiopian telecommunications services for US$1.5 billion. Ethio telecom had 64.4 million subscribers making it the largest telecommunication services operator on the continent in February 2018. The Ethiotelecom operator declared that it will launch a 4G network before other telecom companies enter the Ethiopian market in August 2019 since the government decided that it will liberalize the telecom sector. 

Phone Number: 251 115 505 678

Address: Addis Ababa City, Adis Abeba Astedader


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