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Andorra has 3.66 million subscribers in the country. Today, Andorra has one operator that is Andorra Telecom. Some information about this operator is defined below:

  1. Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom operator is a public company. It is owned by the Government of Andorra. Andorra Telecom has fixed telephony, mobile telephony, subscription television and internet. Andorra Telecom was established in 1975. It is headquartered in Mn. Lluis Pujol, 8-14, AD500 Santa Coloma, Andorra. It provides services such as Fixed Line telephony, Mobile telephony, Broadband internet, Fibre-optic communication, Digital television and IT services. 246 employees are working in Andorra Telecom company. Andorra had 38,464 fixed telephone lines contracted, 81,697 mobile telephone lines and 34,624 Internet lines in October 2018. The organization is regulated by a Board of Directors of Andorra for the administration, heading and representation of the service, and the organization and removal of its resources and assets.

The MNC in Andorra Telecom operator is 03. The 3G UMTS Frequency Bands utilized by Andorra Telecom operators are B1 (2100 MHz) and 4G LTE Frequency Bands are B3 (1800 MHz), B20 (800 MHz). 

Company Name: Servei de Telecomunicacions d’Andorra

Ownership Type: State/Government Owned

Address: Mossen Lluis Pujol 8-14, AD500 Andorra la Vella, ANDORRA

phone:   +376321132

fax:  +376863667


Areas serviced:   AD

Andorra telecom

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