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Albania has 3.66 million subscribers as reported in Q1 2021. Of 3.66 million users 2.49 are active. Currently, there are three operators in Albania. These are Vodafone, One Telecommunications, and ALBtelecom Mobile. The telecommunication regulatory authority in Albania is the Electronic and Postal Communication Authority.   

  1. Vodafone Albania

In Albania, Vodafone was launched in 2001 and is headquartered in Tirana. Vodafone began to provide GSM services in Albania in April 2001. Vodafone currently has 1.492 million subscribers in Albania. Vodafone launched its  3G service in 2011 and after four years Vodafone launched its first 4G service in Albania. AKEP, the regulatory agency for electronic communications, permitted Albania to check the 5G network on frequency bands from 3600 Mhz to 3700 Mhz on October 16, 2019. Vodafone brings the 5G network to Albania. Albania had acquired the country’s largest cable operator ABCom on October 29, 2020. Abcom is the Albanian Broadband Communication, which is Albanian telecommunication, television, and internet provider. In February 2020 Vodafone Albania gave the legal merger approval of Abcom after acquisition.  

The company utilizes the most recent mobile telecommunications innovation and is easy to understand, it gives users a wide scope of mobile communication administrations and offers. Vodafone Albania has expanded its business execution, becoming one of the main organizations in the country that contribute altogether to the Albanian economy. Administrations are expertly given to users through different channels of communication like Customer Care Service, Corporate Sales, Telesales, and Vodafone Shops. 

Address: Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës, Rr: ‘Pavarësia’, Nr.61, Kashar, Tiranë, Albania

NIPT: K11715005L

 Tel: +355 699000140

 Fax: +355 4 2283331

Customer Care Service

For prepaid customers: 140 (Free)

For contract customers: 149 (Free)

For the Media:

Vodafone Albania
  1. One Telecommunications

One Telecommunications was founded on 22 November 1995 in Albania. More than 500 employees are working in One telecommunication. One Telecommunication operates as Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC), and as Telekom Albania. AMC was part of the COSMOTE Group from 2000, and in 2008 joined the Deutsche Telekom group. In Albania, AMC was the second mobile operator that offered 3G technology. AMC was awarded by the Albanian government the second 3G network license for € 15.1 million outbidding Eagle Mobile which offered 12.9 million euros in September 2011. AMC Launched 3G services in January 2012 in Albania. After only 3 months, the 3G license acquisition. By enhancing AMC service by 3G platform,  it fulfilled the Evolved High-Speed Packet Access standard, which has an objective to offer its users the same quality of service in various regions of the country. In March 2015, AMC launched the 4G services. It offered 4G services in Tirana and south Albania. AKEP awarded One Telecommunication the 2×10MHz frequency zone of 811MH to 821MHz/852MHz-862MHz for 7.44 million euros in September 2019. 4G network covers 98.1% of the total population, the largest coverage in 2020 in Albania. 

Address: Rruga Vangjel Noti, 20, Laprake

1026 Tirana, ALBANIA

phone:   +35542275316

fax:  +35542275209

Areas serviced: AL

  1. ALBtelecom Mobile

In Albania, ALBtelecom SH.a. was Founded on 5 December 1912 and is headquartered in Tirana. And it was licensed by the Entity of Telecommunication Regulation (ERT) to offer fixed and mobile telephony, and internet, in 1992. It is the largest fixed-line telephone company in the country, at present, it covers Optical Fiber Backbone Network the Albanian cities. ALBtelecom provides Fixed Telephony, Mobile Telephony, Broadband Internet, IT Services, Networking Solutions, IP Television and Cloud Services. 76 per cent of the shares of ALBtelecom is held by CETEL a.s., in Ankara and 24% of shares are held by the Albanian government and other shareholders. In December 2021, 4iG Plc acquired an 80,27% stake in Albtelecom from Calik Holding. The ALBtelecom company offers 2G GSM over 900 and 1800 MHz. It provided 3G UMTS (DC-HSPA+) in February 2013. In September 2015, ALBtelecom launched its 4G service on B3 (1800 MHz). 

The telephony services of ALBtelecom incorporate fixed phones, change numbers, renaming contracts, credit transfer, and caller identification administrations. The organization likewise offers versatile communication, prepaid cards, ADSL, Internet access, dial-up, Intranet, IPTV, and ISDN administrations, as well as 3G and Wi-Fi administrations. Furthermore, it facilitates administrations, including virtual storage, email and Web hosting, colocation services; and data transmission and framework administrations.

Company Name: ALBtelecom Sh. a.

Ownership Type: Subsidiary


MNC: 03

3G UMTS Frequency Bands: B1 (2100 MHz)

4G LTE Frequency Bands: B3 (1800 MHz)

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