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LADN is Local Area Data Network is an enabling technology for supporting the concept of edge computing. The basic concept behind the LADN technology is to provide the data connectivity service to the UE by isolating all the operator’s network resources. It provides high data rates, low latency, high reliability, and service localization for the 5G system Architecture. It refers to the data network that is only accessible at specific locations. It focuses on establishing the data network near to the UE so that it could be easily accessible and can provide a high data rate, more reliability, and low latency for the users. Edge networks have the support for LADN technology, by providing support to connect to the LADN in a certain area where the number of applications is deployed. Access to a LADN is only available in a specific LADN service area, which is defined as a set of the Tracking areas in the serving PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network) of the UE (User Equipment). A LADN is a data network to which the UE can connect with a LADN session only. 

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