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Introduction to KeySight LoadCore

Keysight LoadCore is a software program that enables the user to predict, simulate and analyze what happens inside of a high-frequency power supply. Keysight LoadCore is a comprehensive toolset that allows simplification of complex electric power modeling and evaluation. Keysight LoadCore is a seamless integration of the industry’s most trusted simulation platforms and applications. Get fast, accurate results to jumpstart your design. Keysight LoadCore is an easy-to-use AutoTest® Live system that automates complex EMC test tasks, such as generating repetitive stimuli, calculating and recording compliance reports, and replaying the results in the lab environment or over the Internet. The Keysight LoadCore test solution is a unique solution for both proof-of-concept and production test. It is the first battery simulator that accounts for the charge balancing algorithm inside batteries, the most accurate method to simulate real-world battery drain. The fully integrated LoadCore solution includes semiconductor component models and software modules for measuring cell voltages, currents and temperature using a Keysight 4500/4500B Series Multimeter. The LoadCore also features an application program interface (API) that allows customers to add their own equations of state (EoS) models, so they can customize their tests to meet specific requirements. LoadCore is an open source, C-based simulation framework for building complex network simulations. It’s used by Keysight to create advanced, high-frequency network simulators that meet routing protocol and radio characteristics requirements, reducing product development time. Load Core is a software platform designed to efficiently manage large, complex engineering projects. It integrates with your existing design tools, such as Agilent InfiniiVision 5000 series and the n500 Integrated Oscilloscope. Load Core simplifies data collection and analysis throughout the design process by integrating data from over 3,000 instruments and measurement devices from more than 50 manufacturers. It extracts useful information from any combination of these devices into an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), allowing you to compare measurements between different test points, time periods or iterations within one project. With each tester generating up to 10GB of data per day, it’s important to be able to efficiently access this data in order to optimize projects and reduce overall costs. Keysight LoadCore is designed for use in a wide range of applications, including to measure directly exciting current or voltage over a range of fractional power from milliwatts (1/1000) to kilowatts. Keysight LoadCore is a flexible, efficient, and highly scalable solution that can be easily configured to match the requirements of a wide range of applications. With its unique ability to provide functionality on multiple platforms, Keysight’s load core software represents a standard solution that currently covers the complete range of Keysight test products. It offers users an integrated platform with seamless file transfer from simulation to design and test execution platforms and provides a single point of access for test data analysis. Keysight Load Core is an application for measuring and analyzing the electrical characteristics of electrical loads. It enables you to better understand and efficiently use your load bank test data, whether you are new to test equipment or a seasoned power electronics engineer. Keysight’s LoadCore is a software-based power analyzer that allows you to quickly perform power measurements across your system or product. With industry-leading precision and accuracy, it provides measurement performance a fraction of its price. Simple, intuitive controls let the user focus on measurement results rather than making sure they are capturing data correctly.

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