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Introduction to Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G

Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G is a software solution that provides location and tracking services. It supports a wide range of physical interfaces (2G, 3G and 4G cellular) and international frequencies, which turns smartphones and tablets into mobile access points for tracking. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G is a virtualized core network that runs on ordinary servers and allows service providers to deliver 4G and 5G to end users more easily, at lower costs and faster time-to-market. Gemalto virtual core network enables seamless mobility between LTE Advanced Pro, NB-IoT, IOT and future services across 5G based networks. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G are high-performance, cloud-ready platforms that enable operators to deliver a wide range of critical services. These systems incorporate Gemalto’s virtualization expertise, delivering a cost-effective solution to address the challenges operators are facing because of an increase in data traffic on their networks. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G is a software solution that allows operators to test and validate their LTE service. It supports all LTE technologies and includes features such as emulation of multiple base stations and terminals, user plane emulation, control plane emulation and unified RAN packet generation. The system comes with configuration tools for easy deployment and management. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G provides an enhanced LTE network experience by improving the throughput, latency and reliability of services. It does this by using multiple data streams using a combination of TDD and FDD modes to create two 5G or two 4G networks. Gemalto Virtual 4G and 5G is designed for the most demanding use cases in global virtual mobile services, where data volume is growing exponentially. This solution enables operators to digitize their customer’s experience with a virtual SIM solution that is natively dual-mode (4G/5G) and has very small size and low cost. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G are new products based on the latest mobile technologies, providing voice, data and video services to enterprises. The solution can be deployed to build a secure private mobile network for employees that is managed by the IT team. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G solutions enable operators to deliver voice, messaging, data and video services over their 4G and 5G networks. Designed to help operators maximize their investment in existing infrastructure and keep their customers connected quickly. Virtual 4G and 5G are a new way of testing LTE and 5G networks. Virtual 4G technology allows our device factories to test their product under real-world conditions, even when the network does not yet exist. This makes it possible for device manufacturers to provide early releases of devices in time for the launch of a new network or service. Virtual 5G is available as an add-on feature on the same hardware platform as our virtual 4G solutions. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G solution is a “ready-to-go” offering. It combines carrier-grade, scalable network solutions with a wide range of modules and end-to-end services including flexible Licence Agreements, Software Subscriptions and Professional Services to simplify the deployment process while ensuring excellent performance and great value. Gemalto virtual 4G and 5G is an online whitepaper detailing the benefits of virtualized network infrastructure. The paper discusses the potential benefits of a flexible, cost-effective approach to mobile network elements.

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