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Are you looking for a free 5g online course?

5G online course free

This free course will cover the following concepts in detail.

– 5G Fundamentals

– Evolution of Mobile Generations

– 5G 3GPP standards

– All 3GPP standards

– 5G requirements driving development

– 5G performance target


– Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

– 5G spectrum frequency ranges

– 5G spectrum frequency ranges Part 2

– 5G NR technologies and specifications (mmWave-small cell-DSS)

– Massive MIMO and Beamforming

– 5G leading 4th industrial revolution

– 5G Use Cases

– 5G design principles

– Key technologies – Enablers for 5G

– 5G network slicing

– 5G Edge CUPS Multi Connectivity

– Edge Computing detailed

– 5G Deployment Options

– Network Architecture from 4G to 5G

– 5G Core (5GC) Service-based Architecture (SBA)

– 5G Network Architecture

– 5G interfaces and references

– 5G data channels and Identifiers(Data Channels)

– Control and User Plane Protocol Stacks in 5G (User Plane Intro)

– User Plane detailed

– Control Plane Protocol Stacks in 5G

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