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Introduction to FWA

Fixed Wireless Access provides the fastest, most reliable broadband connection to your home. Instead of connecting your computer to a central wired network or fiber optic cable, the Fixed Wireless Access technology uses a wireless signal to connect your home with the network. It is great for locations where you have poor or no cellular service and can still quickly and reliably communicate with friends, family and co-workers. Fixed wireless access is a method of providing high speed Internet service over radio communication channels using the unlicensed spectrum. Fixed wireless access is a simple and cost-effective means to facilitate data, voice and video transmissions between businesses, enterprises, homes and in Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a broadband wireless access technology that provides high-speed, high-capacity internet service where wired services are impractical. This technology delivers data through antennas over a line of sight connection from a single remote antenna to the business institutions. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a technology that uses an Internet connection to provide high-speed wireless data networking to homes, businesses and communities. It’s a fast, affordable alternative for rural and suburban areas with poor or nonexistent broadband connectivity. Fixed wireless access (FWA), also known as broadband wireless access, is the use of radio waves to provide high-speed wireless Internet and data connections to fixed locations. Fixed wireless is a key component of next-generation networks (4G) such as Long Term Evolution (LTE). Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a network technology that uses microwave or satellite links to provide broadband telecommunications service to stationary wireless users. It combines the advantages of wireless with connection to the wired network. A fixed wireless access point provides wireless users with high-speed Internet access over a wide area, which makes it the perfect solution for rural areas without native broadband coverage. Fixed Wireless Access, or FWA, is a wireless technology that provides consistent, high-speed Internet access to homes and businesses. Unlike Wi-Fi hotspots (which only give you access when you’re near the router), FWA gives you coverage throughout your property or business with a full, dedicated Internet connection. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a technology in which data travels wirelessly or over the air between a central location and end user devices, such as smartphones and tablets, through an intermediary Tower/Base Station. This differs from mobile data access technologies where the communication between the wireless device and network is done via radio waves, which start out on a tower but go to the endpoint device by way of another wireless connection. Design of Fixed Wireless Access Networks involves choosing among various design options; these include outdoor vs. indoor networking use-cases, single carrier vs dual carrier systems, microwave links vs millimeter wave band solutions. Fixed wireless access is a wireless access technology that delivers fast and reliable high-speed internet to your home or office without the need for wires. A wireless gateway connects your home or business to our fibre-optic network in the core, and uses fixed wireless (radio waves) to deliver broadband services through a rooftop antenna to any location or room inside your building.

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