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Ericsson 5g certification solutions for engineers and professionals

Ericsson is a leader in development of global 5G networks and building networks of the future.

Ericsson 5G Certifications

Ericsson 5g Certification covers the entire process from design through deployment and operation. 5G Core Associate covers the entire technology stack from planning and includes extensive training, testing capabilities, continuous learning materials, labs and Certification Exam resources.

Ericsson 5G Solutions

With Assurance in 5G RAN, you have a 5G network that can scale without limit and securely handle small cell traffic, providing a consistent and secure user experience no matter where a customer is located. Ericsson and Red Hat are working together to enable networks for Open Cloud-Native Architecture (OCNA), enabling operators to build their localized networks in a cloud-centric approach and move difficult tasks from their own networks to the cloud.

Red hat

The fifth generation of wireless technology is driving the era of Artificial Intelligence. Ericsson and Red Hat are collaborating to launch the RAN Assurance Program, demonstrating how they will collaborate to help Red Hat achieve its goals of being a leading cloud provider in the IIoT and 5G space. The partnership involves bringing together Red Hat’s world-class operating system expertise with Ericsson’s expert knowledge of the required radio access technology and end-to-end solutions for deployment in a cloud-based infrastructure and for existing networks.

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS)

Ericsson is playing a part in Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) RAN Assurance program, which focuses on creating a secure software-defined 5G infrastructure. This means that it will be easier for AWS-based infrastructure and applications to take advantage of the new capacity when it arrives.

Certification covers key Cloud technologies, including Software Defined Peripherals (SDP), Radio Access Network (RAN) Assurance and RAN-based Enterprise Applications Platform (ERAP). Complementing these certifications is an ongoing program of onsite training collaboration between Ericsson and Red Hat experts to help approved organizations embed Ericsson’s open source technologies into their own offerings.

Ericsson offers a range of end-to-end-5G network services to service providers seeking resilient-5G networks. Nothing is more important than ensuring that the technology and applications that we build become a driver for our customers’ success. That’s why it provides mobile operator operators on commercial standard 5G-NR as well as advanced capabilities, including RAN and core enabled capabilities, to external content providers who see the value in their own offering of beamed or deeply cross-carrier linked services. This can be achieved through our flexible, open architectures based on purpose-built components designed to communicate with the selected technologies.

It is dedicated to supporting partners delivering 5 G carrier-grade networks and RAN innovation. The company is spearheading the development of standards for carrier-grade connectivity.

Red Hat and Ericsson

Red Hat and Ericsson have announced a partnership to provide agility in 5 G networks through Red Hat OpenStack Platform for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

About Ericsson

Ericsson is a global leader delivering pioneering communications technology and services. It provides innovative services, products, and solutions that broaden the possibilities for people, businesses, and society at large. The research in networking is driven by our passion to disrupt telecommunications, innovate with customers and enable them to evolve their businesses. It has an exceptional track-record of enabling innovation, but also outstanding execution skills and speed to market. Ericsson’s enterprising communication network has made it today’s leader in next-generation networks in mobile connectivity, fixed broadband access, IoT and IP back haul networks.

How Ericsson is leveraging cloud native to enable 5 G transformation

Ericsson 5 G Core is a virtualized core network that runs on Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure bringing the rapid deployment and high availability of cloud to telco core networks. The software architecture is built upon a fully distributed, event-driven model based on microservices. Designed from the start for cloud native deployment, Ericsson 5G Core provides a robust foundation for future network slicing, multi-access edge compute (MEC) applications, and slicing of services and APIs. And with its powerful automation capabilities, operators can extend their coverage in a matter of days or weeks at a fraction of the cost of previous generations.

Powered by the world’s most powerful network technology, the Ericsson Infrastructure portfolio uses cloud-native architecture to build a distributed system for. It integrates data, control and user plane functionality – including multiple connectivity solutions – to provide operators with comprehensive and proven end-to-end solutions. It operates in conjunction with Ericsson’s Cloud Network Gateway, which supports any aggregation level from centralized to fully distributed, providing immense flexibility to operators.

Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP)

The Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) provides you with a unique opportunity to compete in the global ICT market, by proving your competence and skills through vendor-neutral certifications.

The Ericsson Technical Certification Program (ETCP) helps to advance your career, by providing an industry-recognized credential in a number of Ericsson’s technologies, solutions and roles.

Advanced professional course and certification program built by Ericsson to guarantee the best experience in NFVI, IT & Cloud Networks. Obtain your associate certificate in Core and Cloud Infrastructure.

It is the leader in 5G, creating game-changing technology that enables communications service providers to capture the full value of connectivity.

The Training Portfolio for 5G ensures that the knowledge, skills and competence required for a successful network deployment are available at all levels of your organization. Ericsson Training is committed to provide high-quality training towards required competence and knowledge to position the company at the forefront of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

Ericsson’s training and certification programs offer a complete portfolio of capabilities to meet the needs of different roles, with varying levels of competency. The learning solutions are designed using a mix of different modalities to ensure an effective learning experience for all types of learners. Ericsson is committed to helping you get where you need to be.

Courses by Ericsson

5G RAN NR Performance Management

5G Core Concepts

5G Core Protocols and Procedures

HSS-FE 1 Operation and Configuration for EPC and IoT

Ericsson Radio System Overview

5G Core Concepts Introduction

5G EPC Introduction

UDC in 5G EPC Introduction

Virtualization Concepts Introduction

EPC Signaling in 4G_5G

5G RAN Operation and Configuration

5G RAN NR – System Techniques (eLecture)

Overview of ENM for 5G

5G Introduction

5G Core Concepts (e-Lecture)

5G Core Protocols and Procedures (e-Lecture)

5G Radio Dot System Overview

LTE (4G) to NR (5G) RAN – Operation and Configuration Delta

LTE Foundation for 5G (e-Lecture)

5G Plug-in Overview (e-Lecture)

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