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Introduction to Devtools CRAN

Develop R packages and other documentation from source from the comfort of your keyboard. Devtools CRAN is a set of simple tools for developing R, C++ and Fortran software with an emphasis on reproducible, re-usable methods. Devtools CRAN is an extension of the RStudio IDE that simplifies the process of installing packages, managing projects and working with remote machines such as GitHub. Create a CRAN project in seconds, install multiple packages with just a few clicks, easily manage multiple versions of a package, apply stable version restrictions and more. Devtools is a friendly companion to the command line. It’s a package that installs, manages and develops R packages. Devtools saves time because it can be used to reliably update packages from their releases on CRAN, check their dependencies, and make changes to your .Rprofile and .Renviron files. The excellent documentation for devtools makes it easy to get started. devtools is a collection of packages that streamline the process of working with R packages. Its goal is to help you develop, inspect, test and document R packages. You can use devtools to make developing packages easier and to create interactive tools for performing reproducible analyses. Presents a summary of packages and a brief description, installation details, citation data, the latest version number and the release date. Devtools CRAN is a package that provides access to various development tools and functions for all users of R. Specially, it reduces the cost of development for those who are using multiple packages together. This package is continually improving to make installation and usage easy for everyone. Devtools CRAN is a package for managing packages in R. It provides tools to create and update package repositories, build binary packages (R.exe and *.gz) and Pkginfo files, check the consistency of repositories, install and update packages within a repository (or multiple repositories), search CRAN mirrors for packages, mirror R-forge and Bioconductor packages, access the archive of past CRAN releases and R-forge contributions, find author email addresses. The Devtools CRAN is a quick and easy way to deploy a website on your own domain with no coding experience needed. You can also use the Devtools CRAN to create a small landing page or test application without any cost. Devtools CRAN is a package that allows you to install your own R packages. It makes it easy to install packages from GitHub, Bitbucket and other services, as well as from other locations on the Web. You can fetch dependencies from a variety of sources: local files (as specified in the DESCRIPTION file), or remote repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket and CRAN itself. Devtools CRAN is an official repository of R packages. The repository consists of the core components from a CRAN compliant repository, as well as some additional tools and utilities that are often used. Devtools CRAN is an open source software utility created by the R Core team that provides a complete suite of tools to install, build and upgrade packages on R’s popular CRAN site. Devtools can be used to automate the package installation process in a production environment.

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