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Cloud RAN Introduction

Cloud RAN is a new way to think about wireless access networks. By pooling resources from distributed locations and creating a common software platform, we lower the cost of building cellular networks while also increasing flexibility, speed, and reliability. Cloud RAN is a new delivery model that eliminates the need for local RAN deployment, thereby lowering initial capital expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO). It offers a high degree of flexibility in coverage optimization and line-of-sight (LOS) handover, as well as easy indoor coverage extension by using small cell solutions. An innovative small cell solution, the Cloud RAN allows service providers to quickly and easily roll out LTE networks with increased capacity. With a small footprint and no need for backhaul, Cloud RAN is well-positioned to meet the demands of operators looking to expand existing coverage or launch new services in unserved or underserved areas. C-RAN is a new architecture that delivers a more flexible RAN, allowing mobile operators to simplify management and reduce costs by providing a common platform for both centralized and distributed baseband processing. The Cloud RAN is the latest advancement in mobile networks. It provides the real-time ability to dynamically share, split and combine resources from multiple sites including macro, micro, pico, and femtocells. This allows for more cost-efficient rollouts and increased bandwidth as needed across any device from laptops to smartphones.

Cloud RAN Overview

Cloud RAN is a distributed, dynamically managed wireless network that utilizes the cloud for analytics and management. Cloud RAN takes advantage of centralized remote antenna units (RAN) and centralized baseband processing farms to increase the system capacity and coverage of the network. A software purpose-built to connect, route, and optimize all functions of a Cloud RAN, from planning and design all the way through to deployment in real-world use. Cloud RAN is a simple, efficient way to bring 5G to life. It’s ready when you are, with no hardware or software to install, and up and running in just a few weeks. With faster equipment installation times and flexible infrastructure options, Cloud RAN can reduce your deployment time and costs by as much as 50 percent. The CRAN Virtual Cloud RAN (vCRAN) solution is a unique and innovative way to provide wireless service and network connectivity across multiple sites. It delivers transparent mobility, flexible backhaul for future growth, and efficient use of spectrum resources. The Cloud RAN (C-RAN) offers a new way of deploying wireless networks. It is based on the concept of separating Baseband Units (BBUs) from radio heads and using software-defined networking (SDN) to manage them separately. This architecture presents some challenges, but also may help operators increase their Return on Investment. We transform cell networks from expensive glass fiber backhaul dependent, with limited capacity and high latency, into high speed shared IP-based radio access networks that are low cost, low latency with substantially higher bandwidth. Cloud RAN is a next-generation architecture for LTE-Advanced and 5G mobile network deployments. It makes possible the densification of base stations and the cost-effective delivery of large data throughput without introducing new fiber infrastructure. Cloud RAN is a new architectural paradigm for mobile network operators. It takes advantage of elastic cloud services and NFV, by replacing traditional RAN equipment with new high-capacity, low-cost Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical transport links connected to the centralized cloud.

CRAN Introduction

It describes the evolution of C-RAN from a mostly centralized architecture to an increasingly distributed model with Cloud RAN as the culmination of this trend. To deliver the next generation of wireless services, carriers require a cloud RAN that is central to their network strategy and can help them address the challenges of growth in data traffic, new services, and more device types. Cloud RAN is a software-defined radio system that delivers the intelligence, performance, operational simplicity, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud directly to base stations. It helps operators in deploying 5G services seamlessly by enabling them to focus on the core business of their networks. Cloud RAN is a carrier-class, multi-vendor RAN component that enables you to build virtualized RANs over any cloud environment. The solution delivers the lowest cost of ownership and provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. A Cloud RAN is a software-only solution with its main components running in the Cloud. It is easy to deploy and flexible to operate, with the ability to use existing infrastructure or roll out new small base stations (smart base stations) – “nano base stations.” When network operators digitize their networks, they need to operate on the same scale as their competitors. However, the cost of building and maintaining a physical RAN (Remote Access Network) can be significant. That’s why so many are turning to cloud RAN solutions from Nokia and its partners. Create a virtualized RAN, dynamically configure cells and networks, and build your own cloud RAN. Whether you’re building a new macro or small cell network, adding more capacity to an existing macro or micro-network, or simply want to support more subscribers without adding more cell sites–Cran from Movilizer lets you quickly scale your network as needed. The CRAN solution offers highly secure mobile data services using an NFV-based RAN, which is more cost-effective and rapidly scalable, enabling service providers to quickly respond to market fluctuations in order to capture new business opportunities.

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