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Introduction to CRAN Site

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established the CSTE Sentinel Network (CRAN) to support local/state public health surveillance efforts. This website provides resources to assist CRAN participants with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting local data. The CRAN technical assistance resource center is located at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The main focus of CRAN technical assistance is to support state or local jurisdictions’ ability to conduct their own public health surveillance systems. There are currently 41 active CRAN sites that have been certified by CDC and provide surveillance data on behalf of their local/state jurisdictions. The CRAN site (which stands for Comprehensive R Archive Network) is a large online repository of software programs, data and documentation for statistical computing. The CRAN site is a free resource for browsing and downloading R packages, their documentation and examples. The package documentation page gives a summary of the contents of the package that you may wish to read before downloading it. This can help decide if the package will be useful in your work or even if it is worth looking at further! The CRAN site, with its large collection of packages and ever growing community, is a great place to start for learning about R and for working on projects using R. This site is a resource for the R community: it contains a variety of materials with statistics, methods, and examples. It also includes papers written by members of the core team. The Center for Reproductive Rights is a non-profit legal advocacy organization dedicated to advancing reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill. The CRAN Site is the primary location for accessing R packages and their documentation hosted by R-core, including (but not limited to) CRAN. CRAN is a free, open-source statistical software project. It’s made up of a group of well-documented and widely used libraries for performing common data manipulation and analysis tasks. The R software is a programming language designed to address the problems ubiquitously associated with statistical methods. Cran provides a set of functions for performing regression and numerical analysis. The package includes methods for the quantitative description and modeling of data, including linear and nonlinear regression, time series analysis, classification, clustering and smoothing. A CRAN site (Comprehensive R Archive Network) is a central repository for R software and packages. R users can easily find and download the most current versions of packages available on the CRAN, or they can have them installed automatically by pulling down pre-compiled binaries from a server. The CRAN site is the central repository for R packages, a complete and free data analysis environment. It contains thousands of useful packages in a range of categories: Base, Bioconductor, Compiler, Cluster, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Econometrics and Finance, Environment and Geography, Graphics, Hydrology and Oceanography, Medicine and Pharmacology, Multivariate Statistics, Optimization and Machine Learning Cookbook. The Center for Research in Applied Nonlinear Dynamics (CRAN) is a new interdisciplinary research institute housed within each of the University of California’s nine campuses. It provides a forum for interdisciplinary research related to nonlinear dynamics and self-organization at all scales.

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