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Introduction to Cisco 5G Core

Cisco 5G Core is the industry’s first standard-based, fully virtualized platform for 5G services. It allows service providers to instantly scale capacity by simply adding more hardware. Migrate to the future with Cisco 5G Core technology. It includes a CRS-3 router, integrated into the Cloud Router System, that delivers advanced capabilities and accelerated performance in one cost-effective, modular platform – enabling you to keep pace with business growth expectations and new Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Cisco 5G Core is a high-performance, multi-service, core-edge architecture that delivers the intelligence and flexibility to address the evolving needs of today’s networked world. The Cisco 5G Core enables service providers to offer differentiated 5G services that provide customers with a better end-to-end experience. Building on Cisco’s rich history of leading the industry in core routing, the 5G Core router provides a highly optimized and advanced platform for high-volume, high-performance network services. It achieves superior resiliency and agility, supports open connectivity to enable advanced third party IP devices, and includes internally redundant wide area network (WAN) interfaces and power systems. The Cisco 5G Core solution provides the foundation for a multi-service/multi-access network infrastructure. The Cisco 5G Core enables organizations to deploy, scale and evolve their digital business through optimized use of software-defined networking (SDN) technology to transform legacy architectures into agile, scalable, secure and efficient next generation networks. The Cisco 5G Core represents the most advanced use cases for 5G technologies, with a high-performance application and service delivery engine that optimizes the operation of modern and future services. The platform offers one integrated solution that simplifies planning, deployment, operations and troubleshooting across the wireless core network and critical applications. Cisco 5G Core services provide the foundation to deliver a secure and reliable 5G network.

Introduction to 5G SBA

The Cisco 5G Core delivers a robust support platform for your 5G solutions that are built on proven technologies, comprehensive life-cycle management, and rich feature sets. Cisco 5G Core is a high-performance, highly scalable software-defined networking (SDN) cloud solution for dense urban and campus environments. Cisco Cloud Web Gateways are deployed in every data center to provide architectural consistency, security and reliability. Cisco 5G Core enables the rapid deployment of new services with lower cost models, without requiring expensive hardware. Cisco 5G Core, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR 5G Modem, is the first end-to-end 5G solution engineered specifically for mobile service providers. It enables a virtualized radio access network that lets cellular providers deliver services at bandwidths and latencies never seen before. The Cisco 5G Core is a high-performance, secure and service-rich platform for deploying applications in the cloud. This modular system can scale from IP/MPLS, NFV/SDN, enhanced mobile broadband to full-blown 5G networks, while offering a rich feature set including SD-WAN capability, unified fabric and advanced security. The Cisco 5G Core is a next-generation, high-performance software-centric core for building secure and elastic cloud-based networks. The Cisco 5G Core is the industry’s most advanced cloud-native architecture, extending beyond a data center to support the full network. Designed for massive deployment and scaling, it can be deployed in multiple configurations to deliver Flexible Core and Edge (FlexCore) architectures.

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