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Introduction to CBRS Radio 5G

CBRS Radio 5G is a CBRS Radio 5G network operating in the 902 to 928 MHz band. This frequency range is licensed in the United States but globally available through sharing in many countries. The CBRS Radio 5G is a Radio that operates within the spectrum that is licensed by the FCC for use by Cellular Broadband Service (CBS) licensees. The CBRS Radio 5G is a compact, fully integrated radio for 5G and mmWave bands. Designed for high-performance, cost-sensitive applications such as small cells, picocells and DAS, it can be seamlessly upgraded to support the “CBRS 3.5 GHz” band. CBRS Radio is a 5G-capable Wi-Fi radio that is designed for indoor, short-range coverage and can operate in both unlicensed and licensed spectrum. It operates in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band, which provides a robust mix of fixed services and mobile services like broadband, point-to-point communications. The industry initiative to adopt this technology is well underway, with a growing number of customers already receiving licenses from the FCC. 5G is the latest wireless technology that will enable applications and services to be delivered in a more secure, reliable and efficient manner. CBRS Radio 5G is a concept device that has been designed to harness the benefits of fifth-generation 5G networks. It supports CBRS, NB-IOT and LTE-M networks, providing customers with the flexibility to use their smartphones in any location or environment. The CBRS Radio 5G is a cellular-grade radio that allows you to quickly and easily deploy private LTE networks, either indoors or outdoors. The CBRS Radio 5G is a CBRS compliant device designed to work in the 3300-3600 MHz band. It has four channels of high performance CMOS digital circuitry, with a synthesized PA and amplifier that can accommodate low noise amplifiers up to 10 watts output. The receiver section provides high sensitivity, selectivity and stereo audio capability. The CBRS Radio 5G is a 4G/5G mobile device that gives you the option of using the unlicensed spectrum (CBRS) in your region. When you’re at home or traveling outside your coverage area, it automatically selects and connects to a small cell tower to access CBRS. The CBRS Radio 5G license includes access to nomadic spectrum (13.5-14.5 GHz) for fixed and mobile use. It’s the ideal solution for a variety of wireless applications with the ability to transmit at up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). CBRS Radio 5G is an asset tracking device that seamlessly integrates with CBRS Radio Platform. With a slim design, this radio can be easily installed in any environment and has a long battery life. The radio detects nearby license-exempt devices and logs the owner’s information before sending it to the network operator. This product uses latency correction technology to ensure reliable communication between different parties. CBRS Radio 5G is a mobile data connection that connects to multiple mobile devices and other data sources. It can be used for 4G, LTE or LTE-A applications. The service is designed for commercial use and is available for public safety, federal government, education and business use. CBRS Radio 5G is a 19dBi dual-band, directional antenna, with built-in lightning protection as well as a fixed beamwidth that allows for extensive antenna tuning options. CBRS Radio 5G uses the 26GHz band on the downlink and 28GHz band on the uplink.

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