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If you are looking for Best 5G Training courses and certification, you have reached the right place. There are many good 5g training providers, but TELCOMA has been providing telecom training since 2009. In the last 13+ years, TELCOMA has guided thousands of professionals towards a secure and rewarding career.

best 5g training courses by TELCOMA

TELCOMA 5G courses start from the basics to the advanced level. The instructors are experienced and have real-world knowledge to make you understand the important concepts practically. The 5G course covers the fundamentals, architecture, security, hardware, optimization, planning, core network, dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), Vo5G, interworking and migration, deployment, charging cdr, SDN, NFV, VNF, Mininet, IoT, C-V2X, NGC, New Radio NR, EMF, Air Interface, Protocols, Frequency bands, D2D, Testing, System Design, Transport, M2M, Applications, Massive MIMO, mm-wave, green soft ran, MEC, Fog computing, AI ML, Slicing, Hetnets, Small cells, smart cities, juniper contrail, blockchain, cbrs, NSA, SA, RAN Virtualization, SD-Wan, ORAN, Open RAN, vRAN, Rel 17, Rel 18, 3GPP, SON, PCF, ONAP, Redcap, Physical layer PHY, etc. There are 75 5G courses which is the largest collection of 5g training material worldwide by any company.

Why trust TELCOMA for best 5G Courses with Certification

There must be some reasons to mark the courses as best. Let’s find out.

1. Experienced Company – Trusted since 2009

Being one of the oldest telecom training providers gives you the most experience in this field. We have overcome many shortcomings to develop a cloud-based learning platform with quality content. The quality and quantity of content take time and we have already spent 13+ years for the same. How can new companies compete with the experience and time we have spent to develop courses? It’s simply not possible.

2. Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are the backbone of our company and whose experience we are always proud of. They have brought practical concepts to our training videos effortlessly. Instructors from many countries are a part of our organization and we bring the best of them. They have worked for Google, Cisco, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei to name a few.

3. Best Learning Platform.

Our Learning Management Platform (LMS) is a cloud-based always available platform with load balancing and CDN to provide learners uninterrupted access to our courses. Its works like a charm on mobile devices as well.

4. New content added monthly

New 5G online certification courses are added each month and are free for members for a lifetime. Old courses are revised accordingly or phased out when necessary.

5. Best Support

Our engineers, customer representatives, and trainers are always ready to go the extra way to help our students.

5G training video

TELCOMA has vast experience in the design and development of world-class 5G course materials which is trusted by top telecom companies and engineers.

Have a try, check the 2-3 demo videos for each course for free.

Check TELCOMA GLOBAL for Best 5G Training

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