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Introduction to AT&T 5G

At&T 5G for you gives you the power to download an entire season of your favorite TV show in less time than it takes to make popcorn. AT&T 5G for you offers ultra-fast speed and responsiveness, with the added benefit of network reliability. AT&T 5G for you is a first-to-market, mobile true 5G network. This next-generation wireless service will deliver the reliability and speed you need to stay connected today, and set the stage for what’s coming tomorrow. It’s available in select locations across parts of four major US markets. A 5G network that’s built for the next generation of consumers, AT&T 5G for you brings ultra-fast 5G to your home with Internet speeds up to 2 Gbps on our most advanced devices. With the first nationwide mobile 5G network – and only one built on millimeter wave technology – the future is now. AT&T5G Evolution is a fixed wireless 5G Evolution solution, designed to deliver 5Gbps data speeds… AT&T 5G for you is a brand-new wireless service from the leader in wireless. It’s built on a foundation of reliability, consistency, and ultra-fast speed — offering speeds up to 10 Gbps and unlimited data plans that work on any device. AT&T 5G for you will launch in parts of Austin and Indianapolis with plans to expand across the United States this year. AT&T 5G for you is a simple, affordable and flexible plan that provides unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of mobile hotspot per line per month. You can also add on tethering to get an additional 10GB of data to use on other devices. AT&T 5G for you will be available in select areas and over the next few years. AT&T 5G for you is the first and only 5G service available to customers. You’ll get an ultra-fast, ultra-responsive network that works everywhere you want to play or work. That means download speeds up to nine times faster than today’s average 4G LTE connection. This includes 4K TV streaming, augmented reality, virtual reality and more. AT&T 5G for you is a first step in delivering mobile 5G to customers, with plans to launch mobile 5G services in some areas of the United States by late 2018, Before subscribing to AT&T 5G for you service, make sure your device is compatible with wireless service from AT&T and that it supports the spectrum bands required for operation on our network. AT&T 5G for you is a new no-term installment plan that helps you experience the future of wireless. Get 5G speeds up to 1 Gbps—connect faster than ever before and stream your favorite content on the go.Never run out of data again. Once you’ve reached 50%, we’ll add another 50% – up to 20GB! And we won’t charge overages if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Introducing AT&T 5G for you, our new network solution designed for homes and mobile broadband devices. With speeds up to 1 Gbps and unlimited data, you get blazing fast access on phones, tablets and other devices.

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