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Explanation of ATT 5G network

The ATT 5G network is a mobile network service from ATT. The radio access network (RAN) uses ultra-broadband spectrum to deliver a high-performance, real-time 5G network that will support connections from IoT devices to enterprise applications. ATT 5G is a global standard for next generation wireless networks. At its core, it is designed to provide faster connection speeds and deliver more reliable service. The network will use the mmWave (millimeter wave) spectrum to deliver on both consumer and business applications including ultra-low latency video streaming, gaming, virtual reality and IoT applications. AT&T is launching a 5G mobile network in 12 markets this year. The future of wireless service will be built on the foundation of millimeter wave spectrum, which has never been used to deliver wireless service before. It’s this innovation that makes 5G possible in the first place, and what will make our network experience so much better than 4G or 3G. The new 5G network will allow you to seamlessly browse your favorites apps faster than ever before. Whether you’re streaming video in 4K or downloading large files, your experience will be perfect.

Overall RAN Architecture

RAN Architecture explained

ATT 5G network is now available in limited areas across the country. It’s your chance to connect with blazing-fast download speeds, mobile gaming that sees no delay, HD video on the go, and an entertainment experience unlike any other. Our 5G network is new and different. It’s unlike any other wireless service you’ve ever had, and it’s the first step toward a world of enhanced connectivity. This next-generation wireless technology will be faster than your home broadband, with speeds that let you download a full movie in seconds or access virtually any information you want at any moment. It’s an eye on the future today, so you can do things we haven’t even thought of yet. AT&T is taking the next step to bring you next-generation 5G service by bringing together coverage and reliability with capacity. With our nationwide footprint, we will be able to deliver a strong 5G signal and deliver on the promise of incredible new experiences, from virtual reality and telemedicine to smart cities and connected cars. AT&T’s 4G LTE network reaches over 290 million people in the United States. For 5G, our initial deployment will be focused on businesses and consumers in urban areas. AT&T is committed to be first with 5G connectivity, targeting 2020 to begin initial deployments of standards-based 5G service on its ultra-fast nationwide mobile broadband network. AT&T 5G network is a next-generation mobile network that will bring you the faster data speeds you need, on your devices. AT&T was the first U.S. wireless provider to roll out 5G network coverage and continues to offer customers access to the latest technology with one of the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE networks. The new 5G network stands for fifth generation. It is the next generation of wireless technology, a scalable and flexible network capable of delivering high speeds, low latency and better spectral efficiency than previous generations. The technology will be critical in the years ahead as more devices connect to the internet. The third pillar of ATT 5G network will be the integration with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tools, which are changing the way we consume media and entertainment. With 5G, you can stream live sports and events through a VR headset like Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE. You can also have an immersive gaming experience wearing a headset such as an Oculus Rift GO.

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