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Introduction to Altiostar 5G

Altiostar 5G is a five-band wireless broadband connection for homes, offices and hotels. It’s the true all-arounder for bandwidth hungry users, whether for streaming films or playing online games. Altiostar 5G features an integrated router to give you the most stable and secure connection possible. Altiostar 5G is the first generation of 5th generation 4G LTE and 5th generation 4G LTE-Advanced network. It is a fixed wireless broadband service that provides online connectivity to residential, small business and enterprise subscribers for Internet access, private data networks and large-volume file transfers. Altiostar 5G is a high-end wireless module specially designed for mobile wireless networks. Based on 5G technology, the device can achieve a downlink data rate up to 20 Gbps with only one RF channel and supports maximum 100 MHz bandwidth for users. The Altiostar 5G is an integrated RIB-based platform designed to provide end-to-end wireless connectivity. The system uses multi-band RF technology to achieve an uplink and downlink throughput of 1 Gbps. It also supports various modes of operation including TDD, FDD and Time Division Duplex (TDD) coupled analogue. With support for MIMO 2×2, Altiostar 5G meets the highest data rates requirements of next generation mobile applications. A high-performance outdoor CPE with wind tolerance, the Altiostar 5G is designed to be used in urban, suburban and rural areas. The device is highly reliable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It has been developed using the latest telecommunication technologies available today and it enables customers to experience uninterrupted service even in areas where previously no network existed. The Altiostar 5G is designed to support high-speed and high-quality voice, multimedia and data communications in a broad range of applications. It has a standard 5G terminal, built-in GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2 that can meet the requirements of various client devices. The Altiostar 5G is a dual band, tri-polarized antenna for your 5G MIMO network. Featuring a lightweight and low profile design, this antenna is easy to mount onto vehicles or small buildings. The Altiostar 5G is a new high-end product from Huawei’s 5G family. Powered by an advanced core design, the modem is designed to handle the rapidly growing and ever more demanding requirements of next generation mobile networks. Altiostar 5G is a portable solar-powered device that provides wifi hotspot in a radius of 150 m (500 feet). Built-in cooling system ensures continuous operation in harsh environments. It comes with a power bank to charge mobile devices and other equipment. The Altiostar 5G supports all major cellular wireless standards and frequency bands, including LTE Advanced Pro and NR services, 5G New Radio (5G NR), 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) CAT 16, Category 18, HPUE/LTE UE support. Altiostar 5G is the latest Wi-Fi standard from Broadcom. It supports a faster throughput and greater range than the previous generation, enabling fast data transfers and superior streaming experiences in your connected home. Inside the modem, is a Qualcomm LTE radio, designed for fast throughput for cellular (4G) and 5G networks, with up to gigabit wireless connectivity. The Altiostar 5G is an open, scalable and high-performance LTE/5G platform powering 5G network infrastructure. The solution enables optimal performance and scalability in the sub 6 GHz spectrum, while providing a seamless migration to millimeter wave frequencies at 3.5GHz and above. The flagship product of the Altiostar family, this latest version provides unprecedented flexibility for operators in an always changing environment and technology landscape.

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