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Introduction to 6G Broadband

6G Broadband is an updated version of our current broadband services. 6G Broadband is the next generation of mobile wireless technology that delivers faster internet speeds, fewer dropped calls and increased coverage in your home. The future of home broadband is here. 6G Broadband delivers lightning fast speeds for streaming, gaming and more. With a dedicated Super Hub 2.0 and your Virgin Media equipment, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 1Gbps in even the most remote locations. There’s no monthly cost for 6G broadband: it’s included as standard with all our TV packages (excluding Super Mix). 6G broadband is the only technology that delivers fiber-like speeds over existing infrastructure, with the predictability of a wireless experience. 6G and 5G are the next generation of broadband. They have been developed to offer speeds which are much faster than today’s 4G, providing a more reliable experience for people who are watching videos, playing games and downloading content. 6G Broadband is an internet, broadband and home phone bundle that gives you the fastest speeds allowed in Australia. Whatever you need to do online – stream videos in 4K, video chat or download large files – 6G Broadband has bandwidth for it.” 6G Broadband will bring unprecedented data speeds to your connected devices. With this new technology, you’ll be able to stream high definition video, upload large files and download music at super-fast rates. 6G is the generic term for broadband Internet access technology. The 6G standard will be available in a variety of speeds, including 100Gbps and 1,000GBps. It is expected to safeguard connections against hackers and cyberattacks by leveraging a new security protocol based on blockchain technology. 6G Broadband is a breakthrough in mobile internet that will enable consumers to stream video and voice calls and enjoy more immersive AR and VR experiences. If you want to stay connected, keep up with work and play, and enjoy the benefits of fast Internet speeds, get on the path to 6G Broadband. Get more done online and on your phone, plus stream high-quality video and music and download large files quickly. From streaming high definition video, to super fast downloads, 6G Broadband is easily the fastest internet in the area. The difference between this and our top of the range 3G Broadband is that it has more bandwidth and faster speeds. This means more bandwidth for all your entertainment devices including tablets and mobile phones. Introduction to 6G Broadband provides a technical overview of the 6th Generation (6G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) system technology. This will enable IT professionals, software developers and network engineers to work efficiently in conjunction with the manufacturers of wireless communications equipment. 6G Broadband is the future of home Internet. It offers speeds up to 20 times faster than current residential broadband services. 6G Broadband uses new technology that allows it to deliver gigabit speeds with less power and smaller antennas than traditional cellular and WiFi routers. 6G Broadband is a next generation of mobile broadband that will replace existing mobile and fixed networks. It provides an improved network experience by providing higher capacity, faster speeds, and greater reliability. This infographic highlights the potential impact of 6G on our daily lives including entertainment, education and augmented reality.

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