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Introduction to 5G V2X

5G V2X technology is part of the 5G New Radio (NR) protocols, and provides a direct IP layer interface to allow authentic, reliable and secure communication between vehicles and surrounding infrastructure. 5G V2X is built on existing IP networks and can support communication with autonomous vehicles as well as V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications. 5G V2X is the first network to support secure, dedicated communications for safety applications, in a manner that does not compromise commercial mobile networks. This makes it possible for vehicles and infrastructure to interact directly on the 5G signal, avoiding the large amount of overhead required today—whether this is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless devices. 5G V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) will enable a new way of exchanging information between vehicles and the world around them. It will create safer, more efficient and easier transport – with the added benefit of a better quality of life. The automotive industry is undergoing a huge transformation with 5G technology, and it promises major improvements in safety and convenience. Automobiles are becoming “smart cars” that can communicate with one another over wireless networks. 5G V2X is the next-generation communication method that safely and securely connects vehicles to each other, traffic signals, and surrounding infrastructure. 5G V2X is a car (vehicle) communication technology that enables road and transportation infrastructure operators to improve safety and efficiency.

Description of V2x Communication path

5G V2X gateway-based hardware connects to cellular networks, enabling communication between vehicles and road side units (RSUs). 5G V2X is a system that uses vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication to alert drivers of emergency vehicles and situations ahead. While 5G radios were originally intended for consumer use, V2X technology will be an important part of making this system work. 5G provides high bandwidth, low latency and multi-gigabit per second throughput required for supporting vehicular safety applications such as collision avoidance, integrated lane control and automatic driving assistance on highways across all weather conditions. EXINTON 5G System is a turnkey solution for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, offering a unique balance of cost and performance. It provides network access to cars on the move, including hands-free calls, calling and messaging functions, both via SIM phones in your car or through smart phones that are plugged into the car’s USB port. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 410E embedded platform, with support for 4G/LTE Advanced Pro, our 5G V2X system is optimized for safety and ease-of-use. 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communication is a new level of vehicle-to-vehicle communication that will revolutionize the way people and vehicles interact with each other. Similar to how mobile phone networks distribute content across multiple towers, 5G V2X’s network will be able to deliver information to cars in real-time no matter where they are on the road. 5G V2X is a new technology that improves the safety and efficiency of road, rail and sea transport by leveraging smart connected vehicles to communicate directly with each other and with the infrastructure. This brings together vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications from fixed points in order to offer end-to-end closure of the communication chain, enabling cooperative operation among vehicles, road side units (RSUs), traffic management centres (TMCs) and others in a heterogeneous wireless network. 5G V2X is central to establishing an interconnected Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for efficient management of transportation assets for enhanced safety, environmental protection and congestion relief.

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