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Introduction to 5G Private networks

5G Private networks are a new kind of modern network. It is built on 5G that becomes more popular than before. 5G Private networks are a new form of high-speed wireless network. It builds on the newest generation of wireless technology, 5G WiFi, which operates at higher frequencies yet has improved penetration than previous versions of WiFi. This allows other devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets to wirelessly connect to broadband with minimal restriction by physical objects or obstacles. 5G Private networks offer secure and private connections inside your own enterprise or premises, so that you can protect your data. 5G Private networks enable organizations to create private mobile networks including 5G and IP-based (VoLTE) services within their own premises.

Standalone Private 5G network isolated from public network

Standalone Private 5G network isolated from public network

The introduction of 5G network technologies has brought the concept of 5G private network into the spotlight.

Independent private 5G network

5G private networks, in some enterprise networks that are not covered by 4G and Wi-Fi networks, can be deployed as an independent local access network to improve efficiency and reliability of wireless access. 5G Private Network is designed to meet the anticipated new requirements of 5G mobile networks, providing an effective and robust connectivity platform that can enhance mobile operator business efficiency. 5G Private networks is an enterprise-grade business communications solution developed to meet the specific needs of large and small companies needing secure, end-to-end private connectivity on fixed lines or over the internet.

Private network deployment explained

It provides communications services including voice, video and data, running over standard broadband or fixed wireless networks including fiber, xDSL and cable. 5G Private Networks. 5G Private Networks is a content management platform (CMP) that enables certain 5G network owners to create, manage and make their private networks visible to the public via a single website. This helps other organizations orient their business models towards lucrative opportunities in the emerging 5G ecosystem. 5G Private Networks will offer service providers the ability to create their own 5G networks, allowing them to adapt their operations quickly and at a lower cost than with a commercial network. 5G Private Networks is a key element of 5G non-standalone deployment. It enables service providers and enterprises to deploy pre-standardized 5G networks while they wait for the final standards. 5G networks will connect people and things in new ways, using the existing 2G, 3G and 4G infrastructure. 5G is a new radio, with much higher frequencies to support mobility (vehicles) and precision location. 5G networks are also super-fast, meaning we’ll be able to stream videos and download apps faster than ever before. 5G Private Networks are private, secure and reliable networks that connect directly to the backbone networks of mobile operators, offering higher latency and bandwidth for the most demanding business applications. The 5G Private Network allows for private networks that are not available publicly. A network access card is needed in order to join the network. 5G Private networks is a private network that runs on 5G, offering a stable and robust connection with low latency. The product also includes a dedicated application to manage your network traffic and data usage, allowing you to take full control of your 5G Private network. 5G Private networks allow enterprises to create private, virtualized networks that are completely isolated from the internet. This means that sensitive information is protected from threats – malware and unauthorized access, for example. 5G Private networks can also be segmented, so that only authorized individuals or machines are able to send and receive data.

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